As the circulatory system of the economy, transportation is a vital component of prosperity, employment, quality of life, and effective participation in global trade. In recent decades, the competitiveness of America's systems for moving people, goods, and information has slipped. In the current climate, global transportation systems continue to improve, and America must keep pace, if not lead.

At the America on the Move Summit on February 26-28, 2014, Harvard Business School engaged CEOs and top leaders across sectors in dialogue to better understand the needs of America's transportation and infrastructure systems, and to prioritize:

  • PPBs—pain points and bottlenecks—that can be removed
  • Innovations that can be applied—vehicles, connections, finance, technology
  • Opportunities for leaders to act—private, public, local, regional, national
America on the Move has listened to providers and users to find smart solutions—getting people to work, goods to where they're needed, communities connecting, economies developing, and information circulating—safely, efficiently, conveniently, and sustainably. America on the Move seeks to develop an agenda for business and national leaders about how innovation can improve the ability to move people, products, and information efficiently and rally public support for investments in repairing, renewing, and reinventing transportation systems and infrastructure.