• Started 18 Nov 2014

    What Employers Must Do To Find Workers

    Forum started by Joseph B. Fuller
    Economists and commentators have long debated the existence of a “skills gap” and its purported causes. The Harvard Business School’s project on U.S. Competitiveness, in conjunction with Accenture and Burning Glass Technologies, decided to study those questions. While we would not presume to arbitrate between the various schools of thought represented by distinguished scholars, we did conclude that a problem exists and it represents a drag on U.S. competitiveness in two important dimensions.
  • Started 24 Jul 2014

    A Billion-Dollar Profit Idea for Apple That Puts Americans to Work

    Forum started by Daniel B. Cunningham
    Daniel Cunningham has a billion-dollar idea for Apple: Start building the iPhone intended for American markets in the United States. The result? A billion dollars in additional profit for the company.
  • Started 24 Jun 2014

    Shattering the Myths About U.S. Trade Policy

    Forum started by Robert Z. Lawrence and Lawrence Edwards
    The United States economy has to grow faster than its long-run potential to absorb its high levels of unemployment, argue Robert Z. Lawrence and Lawrence Edwards.
  • Started 04 Feb 2014

    America's Prosperity Depends on Outwitting Our Broken Political System

    Forum started by Sol Erdman and Lawrence Susskind
    Nearly every member of Congress has blocked steps that would help their constituents prosper. The answer? Sol Erdman and Lawrence Susskind discuss advocacy plans for the Center for Collaborative Democracy.