The Coming of Managerial Capitalism

Taught by Tom Nicholas

This second-year elective course explores the historical development of the most important economic actors and institutions—entrepreneurs, corporations, labor unions, and financial markets, as well as relevant government bodies—as the United States became increasingly industrial, urban, and technologically advanced.  Read More

Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism

Taught by Geoffrey Jones

This second-year elective offers a wide-ranging framework for understanding the role of entrepreneurs in shaping global capitalism. Through the eyes of entrepreneurs of the past two centuries, the course explores how global business opportunities have been identified and exploited, and the challenges and opportunities posed by "foreignness" as firms crossed national borders.  Read More

Creating the Modern Financial System

Taught by David Moss

This second-year elective offers a vital perspective on finance and the financial system by exploring the historical development of key financial instruments and institutions worldwide. The premise of the course is that students will gain a richer and more intuitive understanding of modern financial markets and organizations by examining where these institutions came from and how they evolved.  Read More