Business History Review

Business History Review is a quarterly published by Cambridge University Press and headquartered, since its origin in 1926, at Harvard Business School. As stated at its founding, it aims to encourage and aid the study of the evolution of business in all periods and in all countries.

See our Spring 2022 Special Issue, "Standards and the Global Economy," guest edited by JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy

Featured Article: Shennette Garrett-Scott, “All the Other Devils this Side of Hades”: Black Banks and the Mississippi Banking Law of 1914

Featured on FirstView: Adam Frost, "Reframing Chinese History"

Harvard Studies in Business History

Harvard Studies in Business History is a series of scholarly books published by Harvard University Press. The series dates back to 1931. The most recent additions are Ai Hisano, Visualizing Taste: How Business Changed the Look of What You Eat and Veronique Pouillard, Paris to New York: The Transatlantic Fashion Industry in the Twentieth Century. The series editors are Walter Friedman and Geoffrey Jones.

Recent Faculty Publications

Caroline Elkins, Legacy of Violence: A History of the British Empire (2022)

Sabine Pitteloud, Les multinationales suisses dans l'arène politique (1942–1993) [Swiss Multinationals in the Political Arena (1942–1993)]

Tarun Khanna and Geoffrey Jones, Leadership to Last: How Great Leaders Leave Legacies Behind (2022)

Jeremy Friedman, Ripe for Revolution: Building Socialism in the Third World (2021)

Kristin E. Fabbe, Disciples of the State: Religion and State-Building in the Former Ottoman World (2019)

Tom Nicholas, VC: An American History (2019)


Creating Emerging Markets

Creating Emerging Markets explores the evolution of business leadership in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. At its core are over 150 interviews conducted by Harvard Business School faculty members with leaders or former leaders of businesses and NGOs. These interviews, with men and women of diverse backgrounds, address pivotal moments of transition in countries around the world. They contain compelling insights on entrepreneurship, innovation, family business, and the globalization of firms and brands. Emphasizing ways that businesses can create value for their societies, the project provides a unique resource for research and teaching. Along with the interviews, the site contains video clips for classroom teaching, and a wealth of relevant resources to allow for further research.

The Medici and the Origins of Global Capitalism Project

BHI supports Baker Library to promote the use of the school’s Italian, and especially Medici, manuscripts. The multi-year effort to digitize the archive will make one of HBS’s most valuable and distinctive collections more readily accessible for research.

The Case Method Institute for Education and Democracy

The Case Method Institute for Education and Democracy is an independent nonprofit organization founded by Professor David Moss. The organization, which began as a pilot program, the Case Method Project, at Harvard Business School, brings case method teaching, in the areas of History, Civics, and Government, to U.S. high schools.

The Way to Wealth Project

The “Way to Wealth” project, directed by Sophus A. Reinert, is based on a bibliography of Benjamin Franklin's Way to Wealth compiled by Kenneth E. Carpenter. It provides an array of unique research tools and contextual essays on Franklin's seminal essay on work ethic and frugality.