Business History Review

Business History Review is a quarterly published by Cambridge University Press and headquartered, since its origin in 1926, at Harvard Business School. As stated at its founding, it aims to encourage and aid the study of the evolution of business in all periods and in all countries.

Harvard Studies in Business History

Harvard Studies in Business History is a series of scholarly books published by Harvard University Press. The series dates back to 1931, and includes books by Mira Wilkins, Alfred D. Chandler Jr., Vincent Carosso, and other distinguished pioneers of business history. The series editors are Walter Friedman and Geoffrey Jones.

Baker Library exhibit - photography and corporate public relations: the case of u.s. steel, 1930-1960

In the current age of converging public relations and social media, the United States Steel Corporation Photographs collection in Baker Library provides a window into the corporation's innovative use of photography and the emerging field of PR to galvanize public opinion---from the Great Depression to the war years to the post-war boom.


Creating Emerging Markets

Creating Emerging Markets is a multi-year project which explores the evolution of business leadership in Africa, Asia, and Latin America throughout recent decades. It features interviews with leaders or former leaders of firms and NGOs who have had a major impact on their societies and enterprises across three continents.

The Medici and the Origins of Global Capitalism Project

BHI supports Baker Library to promote the use of the school’s Italian, and especially Medici, manuscripts. The multi-year effort to digitize the archive will make one of HBS’s most valuable and distinctive collections more readily accessible for research.

The Case Method Project

The Case Method Project brings the core pedagogy of HBS to the teaching of American history and civics in high schools throughout the country.

The Way to Wealth Project

The “Way to Wealth” project, directed by Sophus A. Reinert, is based on a bibliography of Benjamin Franklin's Way to Wealth compiled by Kenneth E. Carpenter. It provides an array of unique research tools and contextual essays on Franklin's seminal essay on work ethic and frugality.