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At the Institute for Business in Global Society (BiGS), we are focused on bringing the latest research on the intersection of business and society to business leaders in an accessible, actionable way. Explore our content and become a leader that the world needs.

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    Climate Change

    Explore the latest research and insights on how organizations can embed sustainability throughout their operations and value chains.

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    Economic Inclusion

    Dive into strategies and insights about how business can drive economic mobility for all stakeholders.

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    Sharpen your skills as an inclusive leader and keep up to date on the latest research on how to build inclusive organizations.

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The BiGS Idea

Actionable insights from leading thinkers and voices on business' role in society.

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    Technology, Race, and Profits

    Harvard Business School BiGS Fellow Dr. Broderick Turner explains why it's time for CEOs, technologists, marketers, and others to take a more inclusive approach to developing new technology to drive better outcomes for more people before it's too late.

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    Rethinking DEI: Beyond the Business Case

    BiGS Fellow Dr. Jamillah Bowman Williams discusses why it is important for business leaders to move past the business case when discussing the need for diversity - and offers advice on what they can do instead.

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    Accounting for Climate

    HBS Professor Bob Kaplan explains why the current method of tracking carbon emissions is not working, and proposes a new framework to fix it, called E-liabilities.

About BiGS

Helping & harnessing business to address society's greatest challenges.

Harvard Business School (HBS) founded the Institute for Business in Global Society (BiGS) in 2022 to help business leaders understand and respond to these new demands. Building on the strong foundation of work on issues like climate change and inequality that has been underway at HBS for decades, BiGS focuses on integrating and expanding that research while building platforms to educate leaders and catalyze action on this complex and expanding set of issues.

Our Mission & Objectives

Go deeper on our mission and long-term objectives

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