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Explore this page to find detailed educational resources that will inspire you to tackle society’s most pressing issues. Our resources include in-depth reports, insights from our Institute for Business in Global Society (BiGS) Global Leadership Roundtables, Harvard Business School cases, and more

Debora Spar speaking at the Detroit Leadership Roundtable

Global Leadership Roundtables

Harnessing business to address society's greatest challenges.

The BiGS Global Leadership Roundtables bring together leaders from business, NGOs, government, and academia to discuss best practices and address society's most pressing challenges. Each Roundtable focuses on regional challenges while exploring the evolving role of business in society.

Action shot at the BiGS Sǎo Paulo Global Leadership Roundtable in 2023


Access detailed reports that distill critical insights from HBS research and discussions from our Global Leadership Roundtables, providing business leaders with the knowledge to start addressing society's biggest challenges.

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  • Cover for the 2024 DC pre-read report 1

    The new industrial state?

    This report provides an overview of the history of industrial policy in the United States. It also looks at current policies, including the Inflation Reduction Act and CHIPS and Science Act, and discusses the private sector's uptake of these bills.

  • Cover of the report: Democratizing Development: How Business Can Accelerate Economic Mobility

    How business can accelerate economic mobility

    This report details a Global Leadership Roundtable event focused on the appropriate and feasible role that private firms can play in addressing persistently high levels of economic inequality in Latin America.

  • Cover of Sao Paulo Pre-Read Report

    Inequality in Latin America

    This report examines persistent inequalities in Latin America, exploring their historical roots and socioeconomic impacts. The report discusses how these disparities affect education, labor markets, and government policies, and suggests approaches for businesses to address these issues.

  • Cover for the Detroit Roundtable Report

    CEO roadmap for engaging with societal issues

    Drawing on insights shared at the 2023 BiGS Global Leadership Roundtable in Detroit, this report offers a comprehensive summary of discussions and of strategies for how businesses can effectively engage with societal issues. It provides a road map for CEOs to assess which issues to engage with and how to do so effectively.

  • Cover for the 2024 Detroit pre-read report

    Emerging best practices for racial equity

    As we engage with leaders at the forefront of addressing racial equity, this report delves into the effectiveness of current strategies, identifies ongoing challenges, and pinpoints crucial barriers that must be overcome. It provides an in-depth look at what is necessary to encourage more inclusive organizations and communities.

  • Cover for the 2024 Detroit pre-read report 2

    Doing business in a divided world

    This report provides an overview of various dimensions of inequality in the United States, drawing from a wealth of data and research. The report examines both the causes and impacts of economic disparities, exploring factors such as race, gender, and geography, and discusses how businesses can play an essential role in bridging these divides.

Case studies

Our case studies feature businesses making key decisions about how to address society’s major challenges. Taught in HBS classrooms, these cases reveal the dilemmas and strategies involved in aligning business practices with societal needs.

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