Helping and harnessing business to address society’s greatest challenges.

At the Institute for Business in Global Society (BiGS), we empower business leaders to make an impact on the biggest challenges of our time. Together, we are building an intellectual hub to advance our understanding of business' role in society and developing a thriving ecosystem for translating that research into action.

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We are in an era defined by global challenges and rapid change. A warming planet is already causing displacement and disruption around the world. Frustration and despair over entrenched inequalities – both economic and societal – are leading to new calls for economic and political models that leave no one behind. And the rapid development of artificial intelligence is forcing us to rethink the future of work and the fate of economic security.

HBS founded the Institute for Business in Global Society (BiGS) in 2022 to help business leaders understand and respond to these new demands. Building on the strong foundation of work on issues like climate change and inequality that has been underway at HBS for decades, BiGS focuses on integrating and expanding that research while building platforms to educate leaders and catalyze action on this complex and expanding set of issues.

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Our Mission & Objectives

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  • Business History Initiative

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  • Leadership Initiative

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  • Race, Gender & Equality Initiative

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  • Social Enterprise Initiative

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  • Managing the Future of Work

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BiGS Visiting Fellows

The BiGS Visiting Fellows are scholarly researchers who relocate to HBS's campus for one academic year to work on specific projects related to issues of business and society.

Fellows are vital to our work of deepening our understanding of business' role in society. They provide intellectual leadership and research support that accelerates the process of knowledge creation at HBS and leverages the expertise of our facility.

We have two groups of scholars: one whose work focuses on the role of business in addressing climate change and environmental sustainability and another whose work examines racial inequities in the business sector, and emerging best practices for combatting or addressing them.

Our third cohort of Fellows will start in September 2024.

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Explore the BiGS Fellows

Learn more about the current and former BiGS Fellows.

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Leadership Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who, through their generous support, are helping to harness business to address society’s greatest challenges.


  • Woods Staton


  • Richard W. Edelman, MBA 1978

  • High Meadows Foundation

  • Anonymous (2)


  • Sanjiv Bajaj, MBA 1997, Niraj Bajaj, MBA 1982, and the Bajaj Family

  • Andrew J. Bernstein, MBA 1990, and Jacqueline S. Shoback, MBA 1993

  • Nancy Donohue, MBA 1992, and Diane Elam

  • Denise M. Dupré and Mark E. Nunnelly, MBA 1984

  • Bradley C. Fauvre, MBA 1992, and Lelani (Oca) Fauvre, MBA 1992

  • Arun Gupta, MBA 1995, and Anjali Gupta

  • Jinfeng Huang, MBA 2012, and Lei Sun

  • Mitchell L. Truwit, MBA 1997

  • Anonymous