Racial Equity Fellows

The BiGS Racial Equity Visiting Fellows are scholarly researchers who focus on issues of race, diversity, inclusion, and inequality. Their work deepens our understanding of inequality and influences practice to build more inclusive organizations.

The BiGS Visiting Fellows are scholarly researchers who relocate to HBS's campus for one academic year to work on specific projects related to issues of business and society. Consisting of scholars who study climate change or racial equity, they provide intellectual leadership and research support that accelerates the process of knowledge creation at HBS and leverages the expertise of our faculty.

Current Racial Equity Fellows

  • Headshot of BiGS Fellow Stephanie Creary

    Stephanie Creary

    Associate Professor of Management, Wharton

    Creary has been a member of the HBS community since 2007; first as Professor David Thomas's research associate, then as a member of Professor Robin Ely's Gender and Race in Organizations (GRO) group, and finally as a race and diversity expert partner to HBS in the School's ambitious plan to develop and disseminate course material on advancing racial equity in business. She studies the dynamics of inclusion and integration in organizations, such as issues of race, diversity, inclusion, and inequality, and welcomes opportunity to collaborate with other HBS professors.

  • Headshot of BiGS Fellow Broderick Turner

    Broderick Turner

    Assistant Professor of Marketing, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech and Co-Founder, Technology, Race and Prejudice (T.R.A.P.) Lab

    Turner's research explores how race and racism are built into markets, business systems, and technology. The T.R.A.P. Lab has developed an algorithm audit platform which collects data about the outcome of an algorithm within a particular context, and then assesses its impact on its users. The platform studies facial and emotion recognition and can help uncover the racial bias in algorithms used by social media platforms, which may have coded rules that alter which faces are seen by users.

  • Headshot of BiGS Fellow Jamillah Williams

    Jamillah Williams

    Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown

    As a sociologist and legal scholar, Williams investigates the effectiveness of various legal, policy, and organizational interventions designed to reduce bias and enhance equity and inclusion. While she specializes in workplace and economic inequality, she is interested in exploring the nature and effects of contemporary bias (structural, explicit, implicit) across a range of contexts.

    Williams was previously recognized with the 2021 Michael J. Zimmer memorial award, an honor presented annually to a rising scholar in the field of employment and labor law who demonstrates a commitment to community and workplace justice. She was also named a 2022 Gender+ Justice Fellow at Georgetown, a network of scholars engaging in interdisciplinary research related to intersectional issues of gender, racial, and economic justice.

Former Racial Equity Fellows

  • Headshot of former BiGS Fellow Chyei Vinluan

    Chyei Vinluan

    Former Postdoctoral Fellow of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

    Chyei Vinluan was a former Postdoctoral Fellow of Business Administration in both the Negotiation, Organizations, and Markets and Organizational Behavior Units at HBS.

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