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Harvard Business School is among the world’s most trusted sources of management education and thought leadership. It comprises an ecosystem of research, learning, and entrepreneurship that reinforces itself as the School convenes and interacts with new organizations, practitioners, scholars, and leaders at every level. It is a global community of learners that shares bold ideas and influences business and management practice worldwide, working to positively impact society—and make a difference in our world.

An MBA student considers a case study before a class discussion.

Cutting-edge business ideas developed by world-class researchers working with real-world practitioners and organizations around the globe.


Initiatives are research-fueled "communities of engagement" where faculty, students, and alumni connect with practitioners in the field to develop insights that drive impact. They provide powerful platforms to address complex, multi-dimensional topics that demand a new managerial mindset.

Projects & Institutes

Research Projects allow faculty to pursue topics of inquiry that have the potential to make a substantive difference in the world. They typically result in publications, conferences, and other forms of knowledge dissemination that broaden the impact of their findings.


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Global Research Activities

Our eighteen Global Research Centers & Offices help to build on our legacy of global engagement by supporting our faculty’s international research, administering academic programming in their regions, providing advice to MBA students interested in careers abroad, and developing corporate relationships with potential FIELD Global Immersion partners.

The case study is the basis of Harvard Business School's participant-centered learning model.

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