Visitor Parking Policy

Visitors on Official Business

In order to accommodate visitors to HBS on official business, and those Emeritus Faculty who come to campus infrequently, HBS purchases permits at the University’s annual rate to allow complimentary daily parking privileges in accordance with the following general guidelines:

  • Privileges will be limited to the hours between 7:00AM and Midnight, (No Overnight Parking).

  • Parking privileges must be prearranged with HBS Security by email ( or by phone (495-5577). Advanced notice before 3:00PM on the day preceding the desired parking day is required. Any request made after this deadline MUST be called into HBS Security

  • Due to exit lane constraints and other duties of the attendant, it is not practical to admit visitors and then conduct financial transactions at the time of exit.

  • Unannounced visitors will be screened at the guard booth for HBS affiliation. Those determined to have HBS business will be issued a daily visitor pass. Any visitor indicating to the attendant that they are either a guest of a Faculty member or an Alumnus of HBS will be issued a daily visitor pass.

  • The parking attendant will record and tabulate utilization of this program.

Other HBS & University Visitors

In order to accommodate other HBS and University visitors, the parking attendant will continue to sell daily parking permits. Daily permits can also be purchased in advance, from the attendant or from Operations, by sponsoring departments and mailed to the visitor before a scheduled visit or left at the parking gate house in a guest’s name.

Parking for Special Events is to be arranged by the sponsor with University Parking Services.