Video Management Policy

General Principals

At Harvard Business School, the video management systems infrastructure is implemented to enhance the safety and security of the community, reduce institutional risk, strengthen customer service and operational efficiency, and assist with crime prevention and investigations. The privacy of the community is a fundamental principle in the design and implementation of the video management system across campus.

Systems Overview

  • All aspects of the video management system fall under the authority and direction of the Senior Director of Administrative Services and the Associate Director of Security and Emergency Management. HBS Operations is responsible for ensuring compliance with the University policy on video camera installation and usage.

  • The school maintains one video management system for monitoring and operational support purposes. All purchases for surveillance equipment must be coordinated with the Associate Director of Security and Emergency Management. Cameras are typically installed for long-term, continuous usage. There are situations where temporary installation is acceptable so long as the installation is compliant with relevant policies.

  • Video equipment may not be installed in locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy except where high-risk transactions occur such as cash management or storage locations for high value/sensitive assets.

  • All cameras must be overt in nature and in plain view for the community to easily identify. Covert cameras are not permitted unless authorized for a purpose which is limited in scope, for a specific period, and requested by the Harvard University Police Department or the Office of the General Counsel.

  • Decoy, fake, or otherwise inoperable cameras are not permitted to be installed.

  • Cameras may possess imbedded functionality for audio detection and recording however the feature is disabled in all cases in accordance with state law.

  • Cameras are used to support facilities and operations management across campus. Live video may be provided to service groups based on operational need. Video playback for these groups is not permitted.