Use of Harvard Name & Logo

Brand & Style Guidelines

The Harvard Business School name and shield are trademarks and their use is governed by explicit rules and guidelines. All members of the community must respect and maintain the integrity of the HBS name and logo as outlined in the Identity Guidelines.

Department Marketing Materials

The Harvard Business School logo may be used on official HBS marketing materials (brochures, flyers, Web sites, etc.). (Note that this does not include an individual's activities outside of their assigned Harvard Business School duties.)

Instructions on obtaining the Harvard Business School logos can be found on the Logos page of the Identity Guidelines.

In general, the Harvard University logos (and the "Harvard" or "Harvard University" names standing alone) may not be used on marketing materials unless three or more Harvard schools are involved.


The University has strict endorsement guidelines, which largely prohibit the Harvard Business School logos from appearing in the marketing materials of an outside company or organization, on their Web site, or in conjunction with their logos.


All Harvard swag items must be produced by licensed Harvard University vendors (list of vendors linked in step 4 here) and be approved through this Harvard Trademark Office process (this includes all departments, business units, and officially recognized student organizations).

Once the Trademark Office’s online form is completed and submitted, the Trademark Office will review the request in 7-10 business days. (Harvard Business School Marketing & Communications provides the “local approval” required in step 2 of the process.)

Executive Education

Instructions for Executive Education employees, current participants, and custom programs can be found in the Executive Education section of the Identity Guidelines.

Executive Education alumni may not use the Harvard Business School logos.

MBA Student Clubs

Guidelines for shield usage and instructions for requesting the standard student club lock-up can be found on the Student Clubs page of the Identity Guidelines.

Alumni Clubs

Instructions for requesting Harvard Business School logos and standard club lock-ups along with usage guidelines can be found on the Alumni Clubs page of the Identity Guidelines.