Shad Membership Eligibility

HBS Alumnus and domestic partners of members of the HBS community are welcome to sign up for membership at Shad. No other family members are eligible. For detailed information about these standards, please read our policies on Domestic Partner and Dual Degree eligibility below.

Membership Billing

HBS Students are automatically billed for membership on their term bills. Students who do not wish to use the facility can complete the waiver form (login required), for use and will not be charged on their term bill.

All other eligible candidates (HBS Staff, Faculty, PhD Candidates and qualified contractors) must sign up for membership at the Shad Member Services desk during hours of operation or register on the member portal at Fees are pro-rated throughout the year, so please stop by our Member Services desk, call 495-6060 or visit the member portal for the current rates and membership information.

Membership Refunds

If for any reason it is necessary to cancel your membership or one of your services refunds can be requested at the Member Services Desk.

Domestic Partner

Shad Hall privileges are available to HBS community members (faculty, staff, students), spouses of community members and domestic partners.

Shad Hall observes the following guidelines regarding domestic partner sign-ups:

  • The HBS community member must already be a member of Shad Hall.

  • The HBS community member and their partner should be prepared to present proof of partnership as defined below.

For this policy guideline, a domestic partner is defined as someone with whom you are involved in a committed relationship for mutual support and benefit, interact with as a spouse, and share expenses of living, including rent, food and other daily expenses.

A domestic partner may join Shad after proof of a committed relationship with an HBS community member is submitted at the time of sign-up. In addition, partners of MBA students must have registered with the MBA Program office and received a Harvard University ID. Proof will be provided by showing, one time only, a marriage certificate or other documents such as a joint bank account or bill. While proof of residency is necessary, it is not in itself proof of a committed relationship. Anyone who cannot produce documentation of a committed relationship may not be eligible to join Shad Hall.

A domestic partner membership entitles you to full use of Shad facilities and amenities including special programming and group fitness classes.

Please call 495-6060 or visit the member services desk for current domestic partner membership fees.

Dual Degree Student Eligibility Policy

Students enrolled in a dual degree program that includes an MBA degree from HBS will be eligible to use Shad Hall once they become a registered student at Harvard. Dual degree programs have been developed between HBS and the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School. Membership will be determined each term from the list of eligible dual degree candidates received by the Shad staff from the MBA Registrar's Office. Membership fees will follow the rates established for the MBA student population and membership will expire May 31 annually. When an active student at one of the dual schools, a membership must be purchased at the Member Services desk.

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome at Shad Hall provided they are accompanied by a member of the HBS community at all times, and they are registered at the Member Services desk upon arrival or sign up on our member portal at All members and their guests are asked to follow the guidelines below:

  • The member and guest are required to check in together.

  • Guests must be at least 14 years of age.

  • Guests must sign an Acknowledgment of Risk and pay a $10 fee to use the facility for the entire day.

Both member and guest will be asked to present a valid photo ID at the time of registration. A Guest Pass includes use of a day locker and towel service for the day.