Self-supplied food and non-alcoholic beverages is referred to as "self-catering" and is permitted only in classrooms, dorm lounges and office areas (for faculty/staff).

All alcoholic beverages on campus must be provided and served by RA, please review the HBS Alcohol Policy.

Food and beverage at all other campus locations must be supplied by Restaurant Associates (RA).

Appropriate foods for self-catering include: bagels, pizza, “take-out” food, chips, non-alcoholic beverages in disposable containers, etc.

  • Classes must not be disrupted by the delivery of food or the remains of a self-catered event.

  • Outside caterers are not permitted on campus.

  • Food must be pre-packaged and delivered in disposable containers, ready for consumption.

  • Food providers cannot serve the food delivered.

  • Heating devices of any kind may not be installed or used (including coffee makers and the like).

  • Food must be brought in by, or delivered to, the individual or group that reserved the space.

  • Delivery must be made to, and accepted in, the HBS parking lot; vehicular access to campus will not be permitted.

  • HBS host must supply all condiments, paper supplies and disposable utensils.

  • HBS host must arrange/pay for clean-up of area immediately after the event's conclusion. Fees may be assessed for any additional clean-up or repairs required as a result of the event.

Reserving/Selecting Space for Self-Catered Events

Dorm lounges and classrooms where food will be served during any activity must be reserved through HBS Operations via the appropriate room request form: Student Requests (login required) or Faculty/Staff Requests (login required).

For detailed information on where self-catering is and isn't permitted, please review the Event Guideline Policies.