Personal Package Policy

Annually, the HBS Operations team processes over 64,000 packages, with a majority of them for faculty and staff. As online shopping becomes the norm, the number of inbound and outbound personal packages for employees grows each year. This volume places a physical and financial burden on our Operations team.

The Personal Package Policy recognizes that receiving packages at HBS supports work/personal life balance while managing the strain it places on our Operations colleagues and the organization. This policy is especially important to remember during the holiday season when package activity spikes considerably.

HBS Personal Package Policy

Please do not use Operations as a resource for out-going personal packages. There is a US Post Office in Spangler (Open 8:45am - 4:30 pm weekdays) and on Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square, and a UPS Customer Center located at 76 Arlington Street in Watertown (1-800-742-5877).

Be judicious about using your office address for the delivery of personal packages. The occasional delivery of an expensive item or a surprise for a family member is manageable, but please do not use your office address as your default point of delivery.

There is an Amazon Delivery Locker at the 7-11 at Barry’s Corner, 204 North Harvard Street. Keep in mind that HBS is not responsible for lost or misplaced personal packages that are delivered to your office address.