Instagram Takeover Policy

Thank you for agreeing to share your HBS experience on one of our HBS branded Instagram accounts. To make your Stories takeover as fun (and responsible) as possible, we’ve created some guidelines you will find below.

Through this initiative, we hope to showcase #LifeAtHBS. It’s one thing for our staff to simply repost your photos – it’s another thing entirely for you to show your day and what it’s like to be part of the HBS community from a first-person perspective. You’ve been approved as a guest contributor because you have something unique and interesting to share with our community.

You are welcome to take photographs/videos earlier in the week and post them during your allotted 24-hour takeover period.

Tips & Best Practices

By initialing on each line, I agree to the following statements:

___ Aim for the Instagram Stories takeover to be during standard business hours (9am-5pm).
___ Strive to post 10-20 original Instagram Stories (images or videos) per day during your scheduled takeover. Include a welcome and sign off post to let the audience know when your takeover begins and ends.
___ Use your own voice. Our students/alumni are the most authentic representation of HBS, and we want you to be yourself. As a contributor you’re representing HBS to current/prospective students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni. Keep it real but be responsible.
___ Let us know if anything comes up. Contact the HBS Social Team at and your dedicated department contact with questions or concerns, or if something is not going as planned and you need to change course.

Reminder: It can be easy to forget whether you’re signed into a personal or professional account when you post on Instagram. Remember to always double check before you make a post.

___ Change the username, password, header image, or bio information.
___ Share the provided account password with anyone.
___ Follow any other accounts, including your own.
___ Do self-promotion, or promotion of others, products or services.
___ Post to an HBS Instagram Feed unless discussed with the HBS Social Team and agreed upon prior to the Stories Takeover time period.
___ Share images or videos of inappropriate, un-safe, or illegal behavior.
___ Post personal information about yourself, or others, that could lead to safety and security risks, including real-time location information, full name (without consent), and specifics about housing or residence areas.
___ Post, re-post, favorite, or respond to negative, offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory content.
___ Hide or delete any comments. If you see a concerning comment, notify the HBS Social Media Team and your dedicated department contact.
___ Respond to any direct messages. If you see a concerning DM, notify the HBS Social Media Team and your dedicated department contact.*
___ Film anyone without their explicit permission. If an individual will be seen on camera you must receive their authorization via an appearance release or their filmed verbal agreement. Prior to filming, please say “This video will be used on an HBS’s Instagram account.” Receive a verbal okay to continue filming from each person.

*If you would like to leverage an Instagram feature that leads to direct messages (i.e. the ask me a question box), this must be discussed with the Social Media team and agreed to in advance of the takeover. Respond to those questions in a new Story that is visible to all – do not respond to the DM individually.

Participation Agreement
By participating in our Instagram Takeover Program, you agree to the following policies and procedures:

  • You will be required to take part in a pre-takeover meeting with the HBS Social Team to review policies and best practices and agree on the plan for the day/type of content that will be posted. You agree to be in touch with the Social Team during the takeover as needed.

  • You understand that this is not your account, and that HBS can moderate/delete what you post if it is, including but not limited to:

    • In violation of community guidelines

    • Poses a safety or security risk

    • Includes information that is confidential or proprietary to Harvard, HBS, or others (faculty, staff, students), including details or photographs of Case Study documentation

    • Is outside the scope of what was discussed at our kickoff meeting

  • You understand that any content posted and deemed inappropriate under the scope of our agreed upon content will be flagged to the student by the HBS team and potentially removed. The HBS Social Team may take back control of the account before the formal end of the takeover if it is deemed necessary after proper escalation conversations have been had.

  • You agree to always keep in mind that you are representing HBS during your takeover. Remember that the account is public-facing, which means a wide range of people, of all ages, locations, and backgrounds are able to access the content you produce. Be yourself, but always be appropriate and avoid the use of vulgar language or referencing anything illegal, including with any music or Instagram provided soundbites you use.

  • You understand you may not use the account to treat anyone else inappropriately.

  • You agree to not hide comments or change the account profile information or settings during your takeover.

By signing below, I agree to all of the guidelines and policies listed above.

I also understand that HBS may use the images/videos from the Instagram takeover on other social media platforms such as in Newsroom articles, LinkedIn posts, TikTok videos, other social media platforms, and additional communications channels for the school, both internally and externally (publicly).

I understand that I am responsible for all content posted to the designated HBS-affiliated Instagram account during my assigned timeframe. I agree to represent myself and Harvard Business School in good taste for all audiences through the HBS Instagram account.

If I do not follow the guidelines and policies, I understand that my access will be revoked immediately, and I will not be considered for future social media campaigns or opportunities.

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Signature: ___________________________________________________________________

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