Information Technology

Access to HBS networks, applications, computers, and other electronic resources (heretofore referred to as “the Resources”) is a privilege. HBS reserves the right to revoke access at any time at its sole discretion. Your access is contingent upon your continued proper use of the Resources and your continued adherence to applicable law, this policy, and other HBS and Harvard University policies.

Various forms of computer misconduct are prohibited by federal and state law and are therefore subject to criminal and civil penalties. Such misconduct includes:

  • knowingly gaining unauthorized access to a computer system or database,

  • falsely obtaining electronic services or data without payment of required charges,

  • intentionally intercepting electronic communications.

  • and obtaining, altering, or destroying others’ electronic information.

Similarly, serious legal penalties may result from the use of HBS Resources to violate copyright laws.

You may be held responsible for misuse that occurs by allowing a third party access to your own computer, account, or network connection.

Key Policies & Guidelines

Harvard University Policy on Access to Electronic Information

Effective March 31, 2014, Harvard established a policy that sets out guidelines and processes for University access to user electronic information (pdf) stored in or transmitted through any university system. This policy applies to all schools and units of the university.