Event Guidelines

HBS facilities are for use exclusively by current HBS affiliates (faculty, staff, MBA student groups) for events pertaining directly to the School and the interests of these groups. Events may not be hosted for or on behalf of any outside organizations, companies, other schools, etc.

All relevant policies and guidelines governing events should be reviewed in advance, and must be observed while using HBS facilities. This is for the benefit of all community members, to maintain security and safety, and to ensure fair and orderly access to available facilities.

General Event Policies

  • The event owner/host assumes full responsibility for all aspects of the event including:

    • Adhering to all policies and guidelines

    • Monitoring the actions and behavior of all attendees

    • Ensuring complete payment for all goods and services and/or fees for any property damage or repair needed because of the event, etc.

  • The number of attendees in each space may not exceed the Maximum Occupancy of the assigned event spaces. Occupancy includes all event attendees, speakers/presenters, and support staff. The “Event owner/host” is responsible for managing attendance, ensuring that maximum capacity levels are not exceeded at any time.

  • All room layouts, furniture, vendor supported elements (such as event lighting, staging, etc.) will be managed by HBS Operations.

  • Only approved Harvard Business School service providers are permitted within HBS facilities. All services providers shall be identified and specifically approved by HBS Operations.

  • The sale or offering of outside goods or services within the HBS (Harvard Business School) Campus is prohibited.

  • No political activities of any kind may be conducted at the Harvard Business School.

  • Candles or open flames are prohibited inside any campus buildings.

  • Materials cannot be affixed to walls, curtains, windows, etc. at any time.

  • No lighting or other special equipment may be installed or used without the prior approval of HBS Operations or HBS Information Technology/IT.

  • If necessary, public safety details be required to support event programming (for crowd control, public safety, or dignitary protection). HBS Operations reserves the right to require a detail for any event at its sole secretion. These details will be arranged directly by HBS Operations & event owner shall pay for the cost of any details.

Event Guidelines & Policies

For additional information and guidelines, please visit the Campus & Event Services page (login required).

Space Use Costs & Fees

Generally, there are no space fees associated with programming facilitated by HBS affiliates. Costs may be incurred for catering, audio visual, maintenance/set-up, security, parking, signs, and so on. The event owner is responsible for ensuring complete payment for all goods and services and/or fees for any property damage or repair needed because of the event.


The HBS Campus and Event Services teams are here to assist the HBS Community with event logistics pertaining to academics, meetings, seminars, conferences and more. Please contact roomreservations@hbs.edu or events@hbs.edu for more information.