Demonstration Policy

Demonstration Permit Application

You must be a Harvard ID cardholder to apply to hold a demonstration on the HBS campus.

Harvard Business School endorses the principles embodied in the Resolution on Rights and Responsibilities adopted by the University in 1970 and recognizes the right of every member of the University Community to press for action on matters of concern by any appropriate means.

Concurrently, HBS wishes to preserve academic, administrative, and other activities of the School and to ensure that the exercise of the rights of some members of the University Community does not interfere with the rights of other members in the performance of their normal duties and activities.

Register with HBS Operations (Security)

It is therefore the policy of HBS that ID cardholding members of the University Community register with the HBS Operations prior to holding a demonstration on the HBS campus. To ensure a safe and successful event advance notification is required to obtain the necessary permit to demonstrate. Applications (pdf) are available at the HBS Security Center located on the ground floor northwest entrance to Aldrich Hall. Applications must be submitted to HBS Security three business days in advance of the desired date of demonstration.

With an approved demonstration permit, the parties may convene and conduct demonstrations, which are defined as picketing in an orderly fashion, advocate and publicize their opinions by print, sign, and voice in areas of the HBS campus designated for these purposes. Properly attributed notices, copies of which have been delivered to the Department of Operations, can be posted on bulletin boards in Aldrich Hall. Posters, leaflets and other written materials are not to be attached to light posts, buildings, benches, trees, bicycle racks, or any other structure on campus. At no time are demonstrators allowed to insert leaflets directly into any campus distribution box.

Designated Campus Areas

In order to provide for access to community members and for conducting academic and related activities of the School only certain areas of campus are designated for orderly demonstration. Per the Campus Map below, the designated areas include the north steps to Baker Library at Harvard Way, the south entry (Bloomberg) to Baker Library extending to Gordon Circle bound by Rock Center to the west and Cumnock Hall to the East and the south side of Spangler Center at the steps to the parking lot. At any time during the demonstration, if the safety and security of the demonstrators or the members of the HBS community are in jeopardy then the demonstration will be shut down.

Demonstration Map

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