Conflict of Interest

HBS strives to adhere to the highest standard of integrity, ethics and respect in a manner consistent with HBS Community Standards.

To view the staff policy, please refer to this page about Conflicts of Interest.

The policy is intended to increase awareness, provide guidance, and establish a process for communication and management of real or perceived conflicts relating to:

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Relationships with Third Parties / Gift Policy

  • Conflict of Commitment

Harvard University Policy:

To assure Harvard’s many constituents of the integrity of its academic, research, and business endeavors, the University has had long-standing policies directing its most senior officials, among others, to act in a manner consistent with their responsibilities to the University and to avoid circumstances where their financial or other personal ties to outside organizations could present an actual or potential conflict of interest or could discredit Harvard’s good name and reputation.

This Policy applies to Senior Officers and Senior Administrators as defined in the policy document. For more information, refer to the HU Office of General Counsel (OGC) website.