Policies & Guidelines


Review the full scope of Harvard's accessibility policies.

Bike Policy

To ensure the safe and responsible use of bicycles on campus, please review the policies and resources.

Campus Vehicular Access

Access to campus roadways between Kresge Way Gate (Kresge Way near Soldiers Field Park apartments) and Harvard Way Gate (Harvard Way & North Harvard Street).

Capturing & Disseminating Video/Photography During Course Activities

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the School’s position on capturing (e.g., photography, audio, video, live streaming and other formats) and/or disseminating (e.g., via the media or use of social media) content, images, or conversations that take place during class sessions. This policy pertains to all program or course activities taking place in a classroom or other academic setting, including, for example, discussion or project groups, work at project sites, and doctoral dissertation defenses.

Commercial Videotaping & Photography

Commercial videotaping and still photography on the Harvard Business School campus and within its buildings by outside agencies is not allowed without permission from the School’s Marketing & Communications office.

Community Values 

The teaching of ethics here is explicit, not implicit, and our community values of respect, honesty, integrity, and accountability are reinforced every day.

Conflict of Interest

The policy is intended to increase awareness, provide guidance, and establish a process for communication and management of real or perceived conflicts relating to Conflict of Interest, Relationships with Third Parties / Gift Policy, & Conflict of Commitment.

Demonstration Policy 

Harvard Business School endorses the principles embodied in the Resolution on Rights and Responsibilities adopted by the University in 1970 and recognizes the right of every member of the University Community to press for action on matters of concern by any appropriate means.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act 

Harvard Business School is committed to maintaining the integrity and availability of the Harvard network for the vital educational and research purposes for which it was designed and prohibits the use of its network to violate the law, including the U.S. Copyright Act.

Drone Policy

HBS community members have requested information on using UAS or drones on campus. The FAA maintains strict regulations on commercial UAS flights; the purpose of this policy is to help clarify acceptable use and safety of UAS on or above the HBS campus.

Drug & Alcohol Policy 

Harvard Business School’s policy on drugs and alcohol reflects our concern for the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.

Email Signature

The following provides guidance on how to format your HBS email signature to meet school guidelines.

Event Guideline Policies

HBS facilities are for use exclusively by current HBS affiliates (faculty, staff, MBA student groups) for events pertaining directly to the School and the interests of these groups.

Harvard University Endorsement Guidelines 

Harvard University has explicit guidelines for responding to requests from third parties for endorsements.

Information Security & Privacy Policy

Faculty and staff must educate themselves on how to recognize and protect the information entrusted to us.

Information Technology 

Access to Harvard Business School networks, applications, computers, and other electronic resources is contingent upon proper use of HBS-provided resources and your continued adherence to applicable law, this policy, and other HBS and Harvard University policies.

Instagram Takeover Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and best practices for students, alumni, and/or other community members participating in Instagram Takeovers of HBS-related Instagram accounts.

Involvement in Faculty & Student Ventures 

Harvard Business School has a long tradition of entrepreneurial activity. This policy guides faculty involvement in student ventures and extends it to cover student involvement in faculty ventures.

Marketing AI Guidelines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a significant impact on the marketing discipline in several areas including content creation, image generation/modification, chatbots, marketing automation, personalization, predictive analysis, generative AI, social media, and more. New uses are emerging every day.

MBA Student Handbook 

The Student Handbook provides students with the policies and information necessary to successfully participate in the MBA program.

Micro Mobility Device Policy

In an effort to maintain a safe campus HBS has developed a plan for campus use of MicroMobility Devices (MD), commonly referred to as “power or E” hoverboards, skateboards, razors, wheels, Lime or Bird scooters, and more.

Motorized Bicycle Policy

In an effort to maintain a safe campus HBS has developed a plan for campus use of Motorized Bicycles or Scooters (MBS).


It is the strong and consistent policy of the Harvard Business School to treat all members of our community with respect.

Privacy Notice 

Harvard Business School understands that the privacy of its users is important. To that end, we have adopted the following notice to provide you with information about the collection, use, and dissemination of personal information of visitors to the Sites.

Policy on Access to Electronic Information

This policy sets out guidelines and processes for University access to user electronic information stored in or transmitted through any University system. This policy applies to all Schools and units of the University.

Research Misconduct 

Integrity in scholarship and research is one of Harvard University’s—and Harvard Business School’s—fundamental values. Allegations of misconduct in scholarship and research must be treated with the utmost seriousness, and examined carefully and responsibly in a timely and effective manner.


Self-supplied food and non-alcoholic beverages is referred to as "self-catering".

Sexual Harassment & Other Sexual Misconduct 

The School is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment in which no member of the community is excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any program on the basis of sex, including sexual orientation or gender identity.

Shad Membership Eligibility

Harvard Business School students, faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, and staff retirees are eligible for membership. Harvard University Identification cards are required for those with active roles.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all facilities and areas of the entire workplace with no exceptions.

Staff Catering Guidelines

HBS does not pay for meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) when the only recipients are HBS employees. This includes meals catered by Restaurant Associates, or any other food service vendors or restaurants.

Threat Procedure

This policy outlines who to contact should you feel threatened or see another person threatened.

Title IX & Gender Equity 

HBS has both formal and informal procedures and resources in place to assist students who have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment.

Use of Harvard Name & Logo 

All members of the community must respect and maintain the integrity of the Harvard Business School name and logo and adhere to University guidelines.

Video Management Policy

The purpose of installing video management infrastructure at the Harvard Business School is to enhance the safety and security of the community, reduce institutional risk, support customer service and operational efficiencies, and aid in the prevention and investigation of crime against the HBS community.