Marjorie Weiss

Field Day (Chestertown), 2000

Marjorie Weiss (American, born 1946), Field Day (Chestertown), 2000, acrylic on canvas, 12 x 24 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2001.17.

"Using imagery that is both detached and engaging at the same time, each one of my canvasses is intended to be a curious, intriguing and solitary story that evokes a feeling of mystery and enigma. Searching for an uneasy, almost contradictory juxtaposition, the dark, silhouetted images contrasted to the bold, brightly colored landscapes allow cryptic and enigmatic messages to emerge. A story begins to evolve, but is never completely told. The bits and pieces I offer are merely suggestions of what each vignette might be about."—Marjorie Weiss