Ryan Wallace

Conduit of This and Adoration, 2006

Ryan Wallace (American, born 1977), Conduit of This and Adoration, 2006, mixed media collage on canvas, 46 x 58 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2006.13.

"Based on personal, desired, and fictitious experience, I create worlds of variously interpretable, often romanticist narratives. The pictures act autonomously, and as a whole suggest each piece as a segment or selection lifted from a larger landscape or longer timeline. The imagery and symbols reflect an interest in the dualities, fleetingness and half-lives of the beautiful and awesome. The symbols are enacted to create brochure-like pictures of the adventuresome and romantic, subverted by an inherent apprehension at the improbability of the universe in which they exist."—Ryan Wallace