Dave Muller

Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow, 2018

Dave Muller (American, born 1964), Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow, 2018, acrylic on gessoed wood, 24 in. diameter x 1 1/4 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2018.4.

The title of this work is a riff on the 1970 Funkadelic album Free Your Mind...and Your Ass Will Follow. As artist Dave Muller describes: “I’m from a generation that used to watch a lot of syndicated television as kids. K-tel Records commercials were common there, delivering frequent earworms from bygone days. Even today I still remember the choruses from most of these songs not from radio airplay but from the ads selling these mail-order-Frankenstein-monster compilations with non sequitur titles. Come on, what’s so Mind Bending about these songs?”