Shai Kremer

Defense Wall, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, 2004

Shai Kremer (Israeli, born 1974), Defense Wall, Gilo Neighborhood, Jerusalem, 2004, chromogenic print, 30 x 40 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2007.9.

"This project is a seven year metaphoric portrayal of the military disfiguration of the Israeli landscape. To describe the complexity of this ever-changing and multi-layered terrain, I chose to keep a distance. The aesthetic, orderly and beautiful compositions parallel the defense mechanism that Israelis have developed in order to protect themselves from the painful reality of the current political situation. The wounds in the landscape correspond to the wounds in the Israeli collective consciousness. My goal is to reveal how every piece of land has become infected with loaded sediments of the ongoing conflict."—Shai Kremer