Thomas Kovachevich

Solid Geometry, 2014

Thomas Kovachevich (American, born 1942), Solid Geometry, 2014, corrugated plastic, 95 x 65 x 6 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2015.11.

Formerly a physician, Thomas Kovachevich’s minimalist sculptures explore the potential of unconventional materials, such as corrugated plastic. He describes this sculpture: “I named this work Solid Geometry, mostly because I like the way it sounds when it’s said aloud. It’s poetic. Technically, solid geometry was the term used for the study of three-dimensional objects. Euclid created this system. But Euclidian solid geometry would be of no use if one were to mathematically define and describe this work. A far more complex geometry would be required. Solid Geometry was created not with mathematics in mind, but from an intuitive system. The incomprehensible is what intrigues. Something mysterious, primal and biological is at work.”