Jaq Chartier

5 Stains w/ 10 Whites, 2005

Jaq Chartier (American, born 1961), 5 Stains w/ 10 Whites, 2005, acrylic, stains, and paint on wood panel, 40 x 50 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2006.2.

"Chartier creates sensuous abstract paintings that are a compelling mix of art and science, the visceral and the cerebral, and painstaking trials and fugitive pleasures. Her minimalist compositions of blurred inky lines chart the interaction of stains and dyes as they leach, bloom, bleed, merge, and mutate. The surfaces, composed of painted stains, milky films, and translucent layers, are visually seductive; they are also archives of the artist's rigorous testing and analysis of her materials."—Robin Held, Frye Art Museum