We Must Love One Another or Die, 1963

Joe Brainard (American, 1942-1994) & Ted Berrigan (American, 1934-1983)

Joe Brainard & Ted Berrigan, We Must Love One Another or Die, 1963, mixed media collage, 24 x 18 in. Schwartz Art Collection, Harvard Business School, 2017.4. © The Estate of Joe Brainard.

Although Brainard was not a Pop artist, he often used advertising imagery in his art, especially the 7 Up logo. This work is the result of an artistic collaboration between the artist Joe Brainard and the poet Ted Berrigan. Brainard began this work in 1962. In 1963, Berrigan added elements to the composition; it was then stamped with “Ted and Joe 1963” The words, "We must love one another or die," scrawled in black paint across the collaged canvas, are from W. H. Auden's poem, "September 1, 1939," written on the outbreak of World War II.