Class of 1971 Courtyard

Class of 1971 Main Plaque with engraving that says "In recognition of the Class of 1971 for their commitment to Harvard Business School"
Class of 1971 Courtyard - full view
Class of 1971 Plaque - recognitions says "With special thanks to the following for outstanding generosity and leadership Steven B. Belkin, Joseph J. O'Donnell, Joe W. Rogers Jr., Bruce Wasserstein, Ralph R. Willard, Anonymous (2)

On the occasion of its 25th and 30th Reunions, the MBA Class of 1971’s fundraising efforts were directed to support the physical renovation of Aldrich Hall and enhancement of the technology within the classrooms.

In recognition of this support the School created the Class of 1971 Courtyard behind Aldrich Hall. The commemorative architectural elements include a semi-circular wall inscribed with the words “Excellence, Integrity, Leadership” and lists the leadership donors Steven B. Belkin, Michael Porter, and Joseph J. O’Donnell.

Class of 1971 Courtyard - Integrity engraving
Class of 1971 Courtyard - Excellence engraving
Class of 1971 Courtyard - Leadership engraving