Tennenbaum Technology Operations Center

The Tennenbaum Technology Operations Center, located in Shad Hall, was named in honor of Michael E. Tennenbaum (MBA 1962) in recognition of his support of educational technology.

About the Name

Michael Tennenbaum is the founder of the Tennenbaum Institute and senior managing partner and founder of Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC. Previously, he was a Wall Street executive, managing various departments, including Investment Banking, Risk Arbitrage, and Options. Tennenbaum received an MBA, with honors, from HBS, but his commitment to Harvard University as a whole runs strong. He has donated his financial and volunteer resources to HBS and Harvard University with his funding of technology education and as a member of the Committee on University Resources at Harvard University, as a former member of the Board of Associates of HBS, and as a former member of HBS’s Visiting Committee. Accomplished in both business and community, he is dedicated to the application of technology to teaching, and is a benefactor to generations of students. The Tennenbaum Technology Operations Center was named in his honor in 2005.