Dan Bricklin Classroom, Aldrich Hall 108

An MBA class discussion in the Bricklin classroom

The Dan Bricklin Classroom, located inside Aldrich Hall, was named by the School in honor of alumnus and technology entrepreneur Dan Bricklin (MBA 1979), the co-developer of VisiCalc, one of the first electronic spreadsheets.

About the Name

Dan Bricklin, a technology entrepreneur, has been an active part of the computing industry continually since the 1970s. Upon graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bricklin worked for Digital Equipment Corporation until 1976, when he began working for FasFax, a cash register manufacturer. In 1977, he decided to return to studies, at HBS. It was in Aldrich 108, in 1979, where he co-developed one of his most notable innovations, VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet readily available for home and office use. He is also known for developing his Demo Program in the mid-1980s—a rapid prototyping tool used by programmers, marketers, and trainers—and the Trellix website-authoring tools of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

To honor the important innovation of VisiCalc, the School officially named Aldrich 108 in honor of Bricklin in 1999.