Portrait Project

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

James Corcoran

Think strategically. Invest for the long term. Build sustainable institutions.

These are all dogmatic precepts I've come to believe. But do I miss out by not paying enough attention to the things that are by definition not sustainable — the vanishing moments that collectively comprise the long term? Am I too biased towards an ever-retreating horizon?

Let's be honest: my one wild and precious life is subject to the whims of a capricious universe, my rationality bounded and my information imperfect. But it's OK. Complete rationality is not that fun anyway. Who said leaps of faith have to make perfect sense?

So I plan to embrace the ephemeral and build a collection of fleeting yet vivid memories: a spontaneous snowball fight, a face-melting guitar solo, a lover's glance, autumn in New England, a child's first piano recital, a midnight swim in the ocean, rooftop Rioja against a summer skyline, dinner conversations going well past midnight, that red dress...

It's the details that compose the big picture.

— James Corcoran