I am a college sophomore (or recent college graduate). Can I apply for the SVMP program?
SVMP applicants must be current college juniors who will complete their junior year by the start of the program. At the end of the program, SVMP participants leave with a clearer picture of the impact a graduate management degree can have on their professional and personal lives, and we want this experience to be used as a personal and career planning tool during senior year in college.
I am interested in the 2+2 Program. Am I eligible?
College seniors are eligible to apply to the 2+2 program. Please read more about the 2+2 application process for more information including application deadlines.
I am an international student. Can I apply to SVMP?
This program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents only.
Will it jeopardize my chances of receiving a full-time job offer if I ask my sponsoring organization to attend SVMP?
After you obtain your internship, you should feel comfortable inquiring with your employer about the SVMP opportunity. While each organization is different, it is certainly worth asking the internship coordinator if you can attend SVMP, rather than assuming that the organization will not support your desire to attend. In most cases, the organization will support your request.
Does my employer need to submit a letter of recommendation with my application?
We do not accept letters of recommendation as part of the SVMP application process. In the "Recommendations" section of the online application, you will select a nominator. The nominator is a person within the organization where you will be interning during the summer who can approve your participation in the program. The nomination form serves only to verify your internship and your responsibilities at that organization.
Can I apply to SVMP if I am self-employed?
Yes. For more information, please contact us at svmp@hbs.edu.
I have a job while I am in school and will be working at that same job during the summer instead of an internship. Can I still apply?
Yes, sponsoring organizations can include those in which you have been working before the summer, as long as you are working for them during your participation in the program.
I will be interning at a non-profit organization. Can they sponsor me?
Yes, sponsoring organizations can include public or private companies, government agencies or entities, and non-profit organizations.
My summer internship is unpaid. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes, you are eligible to apply if your internship is unpaid. The SVMP Admissions Board is looking for applicants with substantive management experiences, which can be paid or unpaid.
I do not have a summer internship right now, but hope to have one before the summer begins. Can I still apply?
In order to consider an application complete, we need a sponsor nomination form. SVMP participants must be employed in a summer internship and be nominated by and have sponsorship from their company or organization to attend.
I am not a business major in college, but am thinking about pursuing a career in business. Can I still apply?
Yes, academic studies in the field of business administration are not necessary for selection to this program. Participants will be selected based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and management potential.
Who will pay for this program?
HBS covers all educational expenses, including room and board. Although not required, many company sponsors cover your salary during the week of the program and assume the costs of your transportation to and from the program. You will need to arrange for your own transportation to and from the program. Limited financial aid is available to cover travel expenses to the program. Admitted students will be given information on how to request travel reimbursement.
Can a company I worked for last summer nominate me?
SVMP participants must be employed in a summer internship during the summer of the program and be nominated by and have sponsorship from that company or organization in order to attend.
What is the case method?

The case method is an interactive process in which students and faculty teach and learn from each other. HBS cases are first-hand accounts of actual management problems that stem from a variety of interdependent factors and span all aspects of business. Each case is bounded by the constraints and incomplete information available when the decision in the case had to be made. Placing themselves in the role of the case protagonists (managers), SVMP participants perform analyses and recommend a course of action -- without knowing the outcome of the decision at hand.

As such, the case method relies on the active intellectual and emotional involvement of every participant. Rather than teaching "to" SVMP participants, HBS faculty facilitate shared learning by helping participants teach themselves and each other. As a result, SVMP participants have a dual responsibility to both learn and teach, with the faculty's guidance and support.

I applied to the SVMP and was not accepted. What does that mean for me in terms of pursuing an MBA at HBS or at another school?
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