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Summer Fellowships

The HBS Summer Fellows Program enables students to apply their classroom training as they explore career opportunities in roles or regions where compensation is generally lower than the traditional MBA level. The goal of this program is to give students the freedom to realize their unique career visions without being limited by the compensation levels of certain opportunities, regardless of industry or location. Funding is available for students joining existing organizations, as well as for those founding new ventures who have not yet raised significant capital.

As a Social Enterprise Summer Fellow, students will be part of a select community through the Social Enterprise Initiative. Social Enterprise Fellows will:

  • engage in a peer exchange network of students committed to social enterprise
  • receive the additional benefits of access to the resources and expertise of the Social Enterprise Initiative
  • attend a kick-off session in May 2016 followed by a fall wrap-up session in September 2016 to offer Fellows the opportunity to be active and engaged during and beyond the Summer Fellow experience

More details on the HBS Summer Fellows Program website (login required)