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Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The HBS Nonprofit/Public Sector Loan Repayment Assistance Program was established in 1992 to reduce the educational debt repayment burden for alumni serving in managerial positions in the nonprofit and public sectors. The Program is designed to support graduates in pursuing career paths in the nonprofit and public sectors which often have compensation levels below the MBA average.

How it works

Award eligibility is determined based on an applicant's earnings and need-based debt, as well as qualifications and job fit. Eligibility and selection are determined by a Selection Committee and awards are distributed on a funds available basis. The Program is jointly administered by the Financial Aid Office and the Social Enterprise Initiative. All determinations made by the School and the Selection Committee are final. The School and the Selection Committee reserve the right to restructure or discontinue the Program as necessary.

Current students who are pursuing for-profit social enterprise positions upon graduation may be eligible to apply for the HBS Loan Reduction for Private Sector Employees (intranet log-in required) or HBS Rock Center Loan Reduction for Entrepreneurs (intranet log-in required) during the year that they are graduating.


The only application deadline is October 1, at 9:00 am. We are unable to make exceptions to this deadline. Applicants who have questions or concerns regarding the materials needed to meet the deadline should submit the following well in advance of the October 1 deadline: a statement of where you are in the process that clearly indicates your questions and concerns, and as much of your application as you have completed. LRAP will review these materials on a case-by-case basis to advise on the feasibility of participation within the program constraints.

No applications will be accepted after the October 1 deadline. If, after receiving your application, the Fellowship Selection Committee needs further information, you may be contacted with follow-up questions.

Program Contact Information

HBS Social Enterprise Initiative
Telephone: 617.495.6421