Why Hire a Leadership Fellow?

You're looking for an accessible and effective way to get strategic insight into how your organization can fulfill its mission and have the greatest possible impact.

HBS MBAs are self-starters who are eager for the opportunity to experience leadership and management challenges in the nonprofit and public sectors early in their careers.

Emerging leaders need to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the complexities of leading in the social sector.

Fellows bring a combination of on-the-ground experience and analytic rigor to the challenges facing any organization operating in a complex environment characterized by ever-increasing demands for services and recurring financial pressures.

Investing in the program is a one-year commitment with the potential to build long-term impact and skills into your organization and the sector at large. Some organizations hire Fellows to stay beyond the Fellowship year; others participate in the program over multiple years or pursue other channels of MBA recruiting to meet their ongoing talent needs.