How does the Leadership Fellows Program work?

Organizations are selected through two competitive application cycles during the year. Selection is based on the scope and nature of the position and on the capacity of the organization to utilize a Fellow's leadership and management skills.

Fellows are chosen by the hiring organizations through a standard interview process.

Organizations pay Fellows a salary, and HBS awards Fellows a one-year grant in addition to the salary provided by the organization.

Our Investment

HBS provides the administrative structure and financial support needed to forge a successful connection between potential Leadership Fellows and qualified organizations.

In addition to working with your organization to create a mutually beneficial Fellowship position, the School provides a framework for the interviewing and hiring process and can serve in an advisory capacity during the process. Throughout the year, Fellows benefit from access to HBS resources and return to campus for organized networking and professional development events with other Fellows.

Our active involvement in the program reflects an ongoing commitment to build productive relationships between organizations and Fellows that will extend well beyond the Fellowship year. As the program's alumni and organization network expands, we expect this investment to build on itself, grow in influence, and deliver lasting change to the social sector.

Your Investment

Aside from the dollars-and-cents commitment to fund $45,000 of the Fellow's salary for one year, organizations commit to creating a productive experience for both the organization and the Fellow.

Each year the program receives more proposals than can be selected to participate in the program. The Leadership Fellows committee will select a limited number of proposals that best meet the program goals of access, impact, and leadership. At a minimum, positions should include the following characteristics:

  • Reports to the CEO, or reports to another senior executive and has regular and meaningful access to the CEO (this could include attending selected key meetings with the CEO, establishing monthly lunches with the CEO, or creating mentoring opportunities with the CEO)
  • Focuses on a discrete, strategic project or set of responsibilities critical to the organization's success
  • Involves managerial and leadership development activities distinct from a full-time position and tailored to advancing post-MBA skill sets for the benefit of both the Fellow and the organization

While the term of your investment runs just one year, the returns offer lasting benefits in the value that Fellows bring and in staff development. On average, one-third of program alumni stay with their hiring organizations beyond the Fellowship year.

Multiple fellows at one organization: As a pilot program enhancement, HBS will be offering organizations selected to participate in the 2015-16 fellowship year program the option to request one additional Leadership Fellow (for a total of 2 fellows). If the request is approved by HBS, the organization will be required to pay the full salary ($95,000) for the second position. Please note that additional fellow positions are required to meet the same program requirements and criteria to be considered. Interested organizations may submit a request in one of two ways:

  • Indicate interest in your proposal form and provide additional documentation of position at the time of submission.
  • During the candidate application or interview period, the organization may contact the Leadership Fellows Program to request the option of hosting an additional fellow.