Apply for a Leadership Fellow

The Leadership Fellows program offers nonprofit and public sector organizations the opportunity to leverage the experience, energy, and analytical skills of MBAs for one year. In addition to the salary provided by the organization, HBS provides Fellows with an upfront award as well as professional development throughout the year. Fellows apply their expertise to roles for which they produce immediate results and build long-term capacity within the organization.

Launched in 2001, the Leadership Fellows program has placed 157 Fellows with 65 organizations, and has delivered on two important levels:

  • Providing social sector organizations with access to analytic and strategic talent to deliver high-impact results
  • Encouraging emerging leaders to appreciate and understand the complexities of leading in the social sector

For hiring organizations, it's a short-term investment with far-reaching benefits for the crucial work being done by your organization and the sector at large.

Organizations: Learn about the Leadership Fellows program.

Students: Learn how to apply (HBS login required).