The HBS Summer Fellows Program enables students to apply their classroom training as they explore career opportunities in roles or regions where compensation is generally lower than the traditional MBA level. The goal of this program is to give students the freedom to realize their unique career visions without being limited by the compensation levels of certain opportunities, regardless of industry or location. Funding is available for students joining existing organizations, as well as for those founding new ventures who have not yet raised significant capital.

As a Social Enterprise Summer Fellow, students will be part of a select community through the Social Enterprise Initiative. Social Enterprise Fellows will:

  • engage in a peer exchange network of students committed to social enterprise
  • receive the additional benefits of access to the resources and expertise of the Social Enterprise Initiative
  • attend a kick-off session in May 2016 followed by a fall wrap-up session in September 2016 to offer Fellows the opportunity to be active and engaged during and beyond the Summer Fellow experience


Examples of Impact

Students who participate in the HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program gain real-world experience and insight into the scope and impact of social enterprise activities around the world.

IGNIA Partners

Vera Makarov (MBA 2010)
My 10 weeks at IGNIA allowed me to combine both of my passions - investing and social impact. IGNIA is a Mexican social venture capital firm focused on integrating low income individuals as producers in global supply chains or consumer of essential goods and services. Throughout the course of my summer, I evaluated and recommended for investment a telecommunication start-up and a water purification initiative. I also designed and implemented IGNIA's social and environmental management system to measure and demonstrate the fund's double bottom line returns.

Joint U.S. China Collaboration on Clean Energy

Yashih Wu (MBA 2010)
This summer I worked with JUCCCE (Joint US China Collaboration on Clean Energy) in their Shanghai headquarters. Our mission is to change the way China creates and uses energy within the next 10 years by targeting key decision makers in each of the main areas of energy use. I met with executives from MNCs and local companies operating in China, as well as Chinese and U.S. government officials interested in working with JUCCCE. This was my first time working in China, in clean energy, in non-profit, and in an entrepreneurial environment, so it was incredibly stimulating.

City of New York Mayor's Office of Operations

C.J. Wise (MBA 2009)
New York City
The Office of Operations focuses on increasing transparency and accountability. I was responsible for a project to help City agencies reduce and prevent outstanding property violations. I also contributed to two other initiatives: the Graffiti Free NYC program and the New York City Charter Section 195, which mandates the process for City agencies to lease office space. I gathered tremendously valuable lessons in how to think analytically and creatively, mobilize diverse populations and synthesize large amounts of information into a cohesive whole.


Jessica Hubbard (MBA 2009)
South Africa
This summer, I interned with the MAC AIDS Fund, the philanthropic foundation at Estee Lauder-owned MAC Cosmetics. My internship consisted primarily of completing two discrete projects: designing a process for selecting the Fund's geographic focus areas and used it to recommend a small group of target countries; and completing the first phase of an updated market plan for the Fund's grantmaking in South Africa, a critical country for MAF.

U.S. National Park Service

Benjamin Lambert (MBA 2009)
Big Cypress Nature Preserve, Florida
This summer another consultant and myself worked with the Preserve to develop a business plan covering the Preserve's next three years of operation. This meant struggling with a wide variety of issues, everything from how to estimate upcoming funding for the Preserve to considering the impact of highways on the endangered Florida panther. I will admit that it was thrilling to be a part of a working National Park, and to accompany staff while they monitored wild land fires, searched for rare orchids, and inspected the Preserve's canoe trails.


Melissa Lau (MBA 2008)
Fabindia is a leading for-profit Indian retailer with the mission of providing employment to traditional artisans and farmers in rural India. At the crux of Fabindia's business model are its efforts to distribute the benefits of the company's growth by offering equity in locational supply chain companies to the rural artisans that craft Fabindia's products. I worked directly with the company's senior management team and Board on the scale up of the company as it plans to expand over the next five years from 50 to 200 stores and increase annual sales five-fold to $250 million.

National Math & Science Initiative

Garrett Smith
United States
I had the opportunity to work for the National Math and Science Initiative, an innovative non-profit organization created to facilitate the national scale-up of programs that have a demonstrated positive impact on math and science education in the United States. NMSI aims to scale up two proven programs by awarding grants to applicants from around the country that are well positioned to achieve success in replicating these programs. I got to travel the country (including 5 states I had never been to!) meeting individuals and organizations who are passionate about, and committed to, improving education in our country.


George Leng
As a member of the Endeavor team, I was sent to Istanbul where I consulted the senior management team of a leading Turkish technology start-up company on several strategic issues facing the company. My experience this summer has been one of most meaningful to date. My internship has not only offered me a unique opportunity to learn about the operations of a leading global social enterprise organization but also allowed me to apply what have learned at HBS to contribute to a meaningful cause.