1. 20 Years of Impact

  2. Nonprofit Strategy & Governance

    • Professor Alnoor Ebrahim is developing frameworks that serve as diagnostic tools for organizations to better define what they are trying to achieve and how to measure it.
  3. Business for Social Impact

    • Senior Lecturer Michael Chu, MBA 1976, teaches MBA field-based courses that examine the key success factors of business models focused on low-income sectors to create financial returns and social value.
  4. K-12 Education

    • Over the last decade, the Public Education Leadership Project has brought together faculty from HBS and the Harvard Graduate School of Education—
      including professors Allen Grossman, John Kim, and Susan Moore Johnson—
      to work with school districts to advance urban school achievement.
  5. Impact Investing

    • Professors Dutch Leonard and Kash Rangan explore the evolving landscape of financial flows in search of social returns—developing case studies and frameworks to better understand approaches toward linking social impact and profitability.
  6. Influencing Practice

    • "Having multiple members of our senior staff and Board attend social enterprise executive education programs enabled us to build a core set of strategic skills. As a result, we have moved our work for the world's poorest children to a new level." – Carolyn Miles, President and CEO, Save the Children
  7. Supporting Careers

    • "My internship experience within the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program was a crucial one for my professional and personal growth. It has had a longstanding impact on my career choices and path." – Brian Elliot, MBA 2008
  8. Accelerating Innovation

    • "We are driven to ensure that our students remain on a truly transformational trajectory that will allow them to succeed on the path to college and reach their full potential." – Scott Given, MBA 2010, Founder and CEO of Unlocking Potential.
  9. A Network for Change

    • "I have been in awe of the commitment and the quality of work that I have seen from our alumni consulting teams." – Nancy Huang, MBA 1996, Executive Director, Community Partners, HBS Association of Northern California

News & Events

Link to PDF of 9/2 Social Enterprise Kick-Off for HBS students

Social Enterprise Kick-Off, Wed, Sept 2, 3:30 - 4:45 pm, Spangler Hall Williams Room

The Payoff of Pay-for-Success
V. Kasturi Rangan & Lisa A. Chase
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2015

Business for the Other Billions
V. Kasturi Rangan, Michael Chu, Shawn Cole, Mira Mehta (MBA 2015)
Harvard Magazine, September 2015

MBAs with a cause: the rise of microfinance in higher ed programs
SEI Director Matt Segneri (MBA 2010)
The Guardian, August 13, 2015

Empowering Social Sector Leaders
August 19, 2015