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Alumni for Impact is for social enterprise-focused alumni like you who comprise a powerful network for social impact that spans across the globe.  Whether it’s within the nonprofit, public, or private sector, HBS alumni pursue a variety of managerial, entrepreneurial, voluntary, and philanthropic roles in socially driven pursuits at various stages of their personal and professional lives. 

Alumni for Impact aspires to connect you with each other, share with you the latest faculty research and innovative ideas from the field, and bring you together to work on solutions for our world’s most complex social issues.  We invite you to sign up to become a part of Alumni for Impact and to explore the resources offered here.



Take an Alum to Lunch Day

Wednesday, June 21st

Are you tired of eating lunch at your desk alone? Want to make some new HBS friends and connections? Then join HBS alumni around the world for a unique networking event – Take an Alum to Lunch Day.

Impact Investing Alumni Interest Group

We have officially kicked off our first Alumni Interest Group, which will be focused on impact investing.  At the helm are experienced impact investors:Jeramy Lund (MBA 2001) and Mark Kahn (MBA 2006).  Jeramy and Mark, along with their excellent core team members, have a great plan in place for this group and look forward to facilitating connections and sharing ideas amongst alumni interested in this fast-moving field. Please sign up here to be a part of the group!  

In addition to the Impact Investing Alumni Interest Group, Alumni for Impact also is forming other Social Enterprise Alumni Interest Groups to connect you with alumni with similar areas of expertise/interest. Please sign up here

Social Enterprise Alumni Gathering at ASU+GSV Summit in Salt Lake City

Alumni for Impact headed out to Salt Lake City in May, 2017, to attend the annual ASU+GSV Summit, a world-class convening for those engaged in improving education at all levels, through technology, entrepreneurship, and investing.   HBS Professors John Kim and Bharat Anand as well as alumnae Deborah Quazzo (MBA 1987),  co-founder of ASU+GSV, gave remarks to the over 60 people at an alumni reception about their research and work in education.   


Social Enterprise Alumni Gathering in New York City

Over 50 alumni met over dinner in New York City in April, 2017, to hear SEI faculty co-chair Professor Kash Rangan speak about his recent research on transformative scale and impact investing, as well as the latest updates on SEI’s Alumni for Impact program.  Alumni  from the fields of education, impact investing, nonprofit management, and the public sector, loved connecting with other alumni who shared their passion for making a positive impact throughout the world.  


Social Enterprise Alumni Gathering in Atlanta

Should coding be offered at every U.S. high school? Is it an important skill that everyone should have or just a more narrow trade? Nearly 30 alumni hashed it all out at an Alumni for Impact gathering in Atlanta in April, 2017, where HBS professor John Kim led a case discussion on Code.org, an organization promoting high school-level coding.  


Social Enterprise Alumni Gathering in San Francisco

Nearly 40 social enterprise-focused alumni gathered in San Francisco in February to connect with each other and with SEI. The event also featured Professor Kash Rangan, who offered his insights on the state of social enterprise in society and at HBS. Alumni attending are working on solving all sorts of social challenges such as education reform, climate change, and the growing aging population and doing this work through impact investing, consulting, nonprofit accelerators and venture philanthropy.

SF alum1.png

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Social Enterprise Alumni Gathering in Washington, D.C.

On November 29th, SEI leaders traveled to Washington, D.C. and met with nearly 70 social enterprise alumni with careers spanning government, international development, education, and impact investing.   An SEI reception was followed by an HBS Club of DC-sponsored presentation from SEI faculty co-chair, Dutch Leonard, discussing the implications for business and social leadership in a Trump Administration.


Social Enterprise Reception at Fall Reunions

We had a great turnout at our reception at the fall reunions in September. We met alumni whose careers and interests spanned the spectrum in social enterprise: many worked full time in non-profit organizations or for-profit businesses with a social mission. Some had spent many years in social enterprise careers; others had recently transitioned to or were looking to transition to working in social enterprise. And still others were active volunteers in non-profit organizations in their communities. We hope to meet many more of you and hear your stories.

SOCAP16 Conference Alumni Breakfast

SEI hosted an alumni breakfast at SOCAP16, a conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs.  It was a beautiful day in San Francisco for about 50 alumni to gather and connect with each other.  Great alumni accomplishing the good and the great.   Stay tuned for more social enterprise alumni gatherings around the country!



Faculty engage in cutting-edge research that drives the social enterprise sector forward. Learn more about HBS thought leadership in these areas:



Stay connected with other alumni interested in social enterprise while you build lifelong relationships with MBA students, fellow alumni, and Executive Education participants.

Did you know?
  • 25 Alumni Clubs funded 69 Executive Education scholarships in 2015
  • Alumni Clubs provide $10 million annually in pro-bono consulting to non-profits

Contact your local alumni club to get involved in a wide range of social enterprise activities including:

  • Social enterprise events and programs for alumni
  • Volunteer consulting programs
  • Events to benefit the local community
  • Fundraising and capacity-building activities to support local nonprofit organizations

Career Resources

The Social Enterprise Initiative, in collaboration with Alumni Career Services and Baker Library, provides resources and support to assist alumni pursuing careers in social enterprise. A good way to begin is to check out job search suggestions for MBAs and Alumni. Research is also available on a variety of specific social enterprise topics in the Faculty & Research section of this site.

Alumni Career Hub (Login Required)

Search the Alumni Job Board (within the new Alumni Career Hub) by the name of particular organizations or use these suggested keywords: arts/culture; government; community/economic development; education; foundations/grant making; international development; nonprofit-other; religion; services-health related; social services.

Programs for Alumni

HBS Social Enterprise Loan Repayment Assistance Program reduces the educational debt burden for qualifying alumni serving in managerial positions in nonprofits, public sector organizations, or for-profit social enterprises.

Alumni Recruiting

Organizations interested in hiring HBS alumni can take advantage of a range of recruiting tools and activities available through HBS Recruiting.


Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions about social enterprise alumni engagement? Please email se@hbs.edu.