Facutly and Research

Social Entrepreneurship

Faculty research explores the potential of entrepreneurship in the social sector, including similarities and differences in social and commercial entrepreneurship, growing nonprofits through networking; and strategies for scaling social impact.

  • Echoing Green

    Julie Battilana, Thomas J. DeLong, and James Weber

    This case presents the leadership challenges that Cheryl Dorsey, the president of Echoing Green, faces in early 2009. Echoing Green is a fellowship program that seeks to improve society by identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs who launch organizations to attack some of the world's most difficult problems.

  • Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector

    Jane Wei-Skillern, James E. Austin, Herman Leonard, and Howard Stevenson

    Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector enables readers to attain an in depth understanding of the distinctive characteristics of the social enterprise context and organizations. The authors offer tools to develop the knowledge to pursue social entrepreneurship more strategically and achieve mission impact more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

  • Think Outside the Building

    Rosabeth Moss Kanter

    Thinking outside the box is a popular metaphor for creativity. But recent major systemic challenges (the financial crisis, health care reform, and climate change, among others) require new ideas significantly bigger than a mere box. The greatest future breakthroughs will come from leaders who encourage thinking outside a whole building full of boxes.


  • Recent Publications

    “The Indego Africa Project”
    Case / Kathleen L. McGinn and Rachel Gordon / November 2010

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    “Think Outside the Building”
    Article / Rosabeth Moss Kanter / March 2010

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    "Carolina for Kibera”
    Case /Kathleen L. McGinn and Cailin B. Hammer /October 2009

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    “Endeavor: Creating a Global Movement for High-Impact Entrepreneurship”
    Case /William A. Sahlman /September 2009

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    "Echoing Green”
    Case / Julie Battilana, Thomas J. DeLong, and James Weber /July 2009

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  • Recommended Reading

    Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector
    Book / Jane Wei-Skillern, James E. Austin, Herman Leonard, and Howard Stevenson / 2007

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    “Scaling Social Impact: Strategies for Spreading Social Innovations”
    Article / J. Gregory Dees, Beth Battle Anderson, and Jane Wei-Skillern / Spring 2004

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    Even Bigger Change: A Framework for Getting Started at Changing the World
    Case / Rosabeth Moss Kanter / March 2005

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    Note on Starting a Nonprofit Venture
    Case / J. Gregory Dees and Alice Oberfield / January 1991

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  • MBA Courses

    Entrepreneurship in Education Reform
    Senior Lecturer John J-H Kim

    See Course Description

    Entrepreneurship in the Private and Social Sectors
    Senior Lecturer Robert F. Higgins and Adjunct Lecturer Richard Cavanagh

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    Social Entrepreneurship in the Business Sector: Half-course and Field Course
    Associate Professor Christopher Marquis

    See Course Description (Half Course)  See Course Description (Field Course)

    Social Innovation Lab: Field Course
    Professor Allen Grossman and Professor Herman B. "Dutch" Leonard

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