Career Resources

The Social Enterprise Initiative, in collaboration with Alumni Career Services and Baker Library, provides resources and support to assist alumni pursuing careers in social enterprise,

A good way to begin is to conduct baseline research and identify additional sources of information via the Social Enterprise Industry Research Guide.

Research is also available on a variety of specific social enterprise topics in the Faculty & Research section of this site.

Alumni Career Hub (Login Required)

Search the Alumni Job Board (within the new Alumni Career Hub) by the name of particular organizations or use these suggested keywords: arts/culture; government; community/economic development; education; foundations/grant making; international development; nonprofit-other; religion; services-health related; social services.

Programs for Alumni

HBS Nonprofit/Public Sector Loan Repayment Assistance Program reduces the educational debt burden for qualifying MBA students and alumni serving in managerial positions in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Alumni Recruiting

Organizations interested in hiring HBS alumni can take advantage of a range of recruiting tools and activities available through HBS Recruiting.