Why Social Enterprise at HBS?

  • Stephen Chan
    Chief of Staff, The Boston Foundation
    MBA/MPA 2009

    “I was really impressed with the caliber of people [at HBS], their creative thinking, and their sense of urgency to see the world change.”

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  • Matt Segneri
    Advisor to the Mayor, City of Boston Mayor's Office
    MBA 2010

    “I think that pursuing an MBA is the ideal path for someone interested in social enterprise.”

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  • Charles Edwards
    President and CEO
    Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

    “Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management showed me what it truly takes to achieve lasting social change.”

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  • Linda Rottenberg
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Endeavor Global

    “Today, it’s much more about back-and-forth learning between the public and private sectors.”

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  • Jeff Shaddix
    MBA 2008

    “The community around Social Enterprise activities at HBS is a large, diverse group of faculty, staff, and students—there are definitely a lot of people here who are actively seeking ways to leverage HBS skills and resources to have a direct social impact”

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  • Shannah Varon
    Consultant, The Parthenon Group
    MBA 2009

    “I knew I wanted to be a school superintendent one day, and that I'd need good management and problem-solving skills. That's what brought me here.”

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Careers and Connections

  • Bertina Ceccarelli
    Executive Vice President for Global Resources, Wildlife Conservation Society
    MBA 1993

    “How do you activate a legion of people who want to volunteer in a way that is meaningful and productive without compromising an organization's own efficiencies?”

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  • Katie Cunningham
    Managing Director of Recruitment, Teach For America
    MBA 2003

    “I first worked at Teach for America as an intern through the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program. After graduation, I returned as an HBS Leadership Fellow.”

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  • Cindy Ko
    Director of International Expansion, Endeavor Global
    MBA 2005

    “Being intimately involved in international business where innovation is happening really excites me.”

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  • Rob Zeaske
    Executive Director, Second Harvest Heartland
    MBA 2002

    “In the Leadership Fellows program I had a fantastic opportunity to work in a senior cross-functional position in one of the leading nonprofits in the country, Mercy Corps”.

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Driving Social Change

  • Julie Battilana
    Assistant Professor, Hellman Faculty Fellow
    Harvard Business School

    “One way to think about Social Enterprise is that social entrepreneurs often have to implement changes that break with the norms in their environment.”

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  • Gerald Chertavian
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Year Up
    MBA 1992

    “In my mind, the progress that we see today in social entrepreneurship and social enterprise is the next step in the civil rights movement.”

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  • Abigail Falik
    Founder & CEO, Global Citizen Year
    MBA 2008

    “HBS was a catalyst that has helped me approach Global Citizen Year in a much more ambitious and strategic way—focusing on impact, scalability, and sustainability from our very inception.”

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  • Andrea Silbert
    President, EOS Foundation
    MBA 1991

    “I came to HBS with a passion. I came knowing that I wanted to be involved in social enterprise. ”

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