• 19 Aug 2015

Empowering Social Sector Leaders

Veronika Scott, CEO of The Empowerment Plan, and Catalina Escobar Restrepo, founder of the Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation, discuss the impact of the Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management (SPNM) executive education program on their ability to grow and deepen their organizations’ impact.
  • 27 Aug 2015
  • Video

Summer Fellowship Enables Student Entrepreneur to Launch Startup

Receiving a Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship has enabled Tess Brooks (MBA 2016) to start up Confi LLC, an online platform providing credible women’s health information in an accessible and non-judgmental way.
  • Fall 2014

20 Years of Impact Report

A collection of stories on the ways in which the Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) has pioneered the use of innovative business practices and management frameworks to drive sustained, high-impact social change across sectors.

Pioneering Research

Our faculty provide education and expertise rooted in real-world experience, linking theory and practice to shape business practice and train business leaders.

  • 04 Nov 2015
  • HBS Working Knowledge

Do People Who Care About Others Cooperate More? Experimental Evidence from Relative Incentive Pay

Re: Dylan Minor, Pablo Hernandez & Dana Sisak

This paper explores how the degree to which individuals care about other workers affects their own performance when faced with relative performance pay.  more

Dylan Minor is a visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit.