• 01 Dec 2015

Leading Boston and Beyond

How HBS Leadership Fellows have reinvented how we think about governance
Re: Dan Koh (MBA 2011); Chris Osgood (MBA 2006); Lauren Lockwood (MBA 2014); Austin Blackmon (MBA 2013); Meredith Weenick (MBA 2002); Mitch Weiss (MBA 2004); Stephen Chan (MBA 2009); Matt Segneri (MBA 2010); Mike Bloomberg (MBA 1966); Sarah Leary (MBA 1998)
  • 27 Aug 2015
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Receiving a Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship has enabled Tess Brooks (MBA 2016) to start up Confi LLC, an online platform providing credible women’s health information in an accessible and non-judgmental way.
  • Fall 2014

20 Years of Impact Report

A collection of stories on the ways in which the Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) has pioneered the use of innovative business practices and management frameworks to drive sustained, high-impact social change across sectors.

Pioneering Research

Our faculty provide education and expertise rooted in real-world experience, linking theory and practice to shape business practice and train business leaders.

  • 23 Mar 2016
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Finding Excuses to Decline the Ask

Re: Christine Exley & Ragan Petrie

An online experiment by Christine L. Exley and Ragan Petrie involving 6,000 potential donors to animal-rescue charities finds a 22 percent drop in interest in donating when individuals know “the ask” is coming and have time to develop excuses for not contributing. Results imply that nonprofits have a variety of options for better adapting how they solicit funds. more

Christine Exley is an assistant professor of business administration in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit.
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The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity Revisited

By: Josh Lerner and Scott Stern
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Advanced Leadership Pathways: Doug Rauch and the Daily Table

By: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Peter Zimmerman and Penelope Rossano