20 Years of Impact

Supporting Careers

Beyond the classroom, SEI offers a portfolio of career development, field-based learning, and community engagement programs designed to bring together students, alumni, and organizations to focus on real-world challenges while providing the opportunity for individuals to tailor their engagement based on their specific goals.

These programs have enabled students and alumni to explore an expanded array of career paths. Over the years, more than 1,200 MBA students have pursued the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program and 125 have taken part in the prestigious HBS Leadership Fellows program.

Career Development Program Spotlight: Leadership Fellows

The Leadership Fellows program is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a select group of graduating HBS students to experience high-impact management positions in nonprofit and public-sector organizations for one year at a competitive salary. Launched in 2001, the Leadership Fellows program has placed 125 Fellows with 53 organizations, with a focus on providing social-sector organizations with access to analytic and strategic talent to deliver high-impact results AND encouraging emerging leaders to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the complexities of leading in the social sector.

“The Leadership Fellows program was essential to me in helping me navigate career options and unearth this unique career path within the social sector.”

Benjy Kennedy Deputy Director, Detroit Community Programs, The Kresge FoundationMBA 2009

Who Gets That Opportunity Right Out of Business School?

HBS Leadership Fellows alumni Clive Chang, MBA 2011; Alice Fabiano, MBA 2011; Whitney Petersmeyer Segneri, MBA 2010; Basilia Yao, MBA 2006; and Michael Louis, MBA 2011 talk about their experiences in the year-long program and its impact on their careers.

Rob Zeaske Executive Director, Second Harvest HeartlandLeadership FellowMBA 2002

“In the Leadership Fellows program I had a fantastic opportunity to work in a senior cross-functional position in one of the leading nonprofits in the country, Mercy Corps.”

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Tim Nicolette President, UP Education Network (formerly Unlocking Potential)MBA 2008

"MUpon acceptance, I thought that "compared to my other offers, this opportunity captured my heart and imagination in a completely different way." Now more than 5 years later, the tremendous value of that experience has become even more apparent.. I genuinely believe that if it were not for the Leadership Fellows program, I would not have been as well-positioned to work in public service. "

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Summer Fellows Making an Impact


Stephen Chan Chief of Staff, The Boston FoundationSummer Fellow, Leadership FellowMBA/MPA 2009

“...I am able to draw on my HBS general management training to lead organization-wide strategy and operations planning...”

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Brian Elliot Founder and Board Chair, FriendfactorSummer Fellow, Social Entrepreneurship FellowMBA 2008

“My internship experience within the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program was a crucial one for my professional and personal growth. It has had a longstanding impact on my career choices and path. ”

Goldsmith Fellows Making an Impact


Kevin HallPresident and CEO, Charter School Growth FundGoldsmith FellowMBA 1996

“We are trying to build the capital market to help high-performing charters grow.”

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Independent Projects Making an Impact


Suryagarah Jaisalmer

In the spring of 2014, students Christina Loulakis, Matthew Kandel, Aditi Jain, and Laura O'Donnell (all MBA 2014) traveled to India in support a project and case study they are working on with Professor Arthur Segel.

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Loan Assistance Making an Impact


Carice AndersonInterim Manager, McKinsey Leadership Programme, McKinsey & Co.MBA 2005

Carice was previously Coordinator for Leadership and Professional Development, Fulton County Schools after a Broad Residency in Fulton County following graduation.

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