Publications Porter and Teisberg on Redefining Health CareHarvard Business School


Redefining Global Health-Care Delivery
Jim Yong Kim, Paul Farmer, Michael E. Porter
The Lancet
May 20, 2013

Health Affairs March 2013 cover
Redesigning Primary Care: A Strategic Vision To Improve Value By Organizing Around Patients' Needs
Michael E. Porter, Erika A. Pabo, Thomas H.Lee
Health Affairs
March 2013

Four Ways to Reinvent Service Delivery
Kamalini Ramdas, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, Amy L. Tucker
Harvard Business Review
December 2012

The Imperative, and Opportunity, of Chronic Disease

Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace
Harvard Health Policy Review
Fall 2012

Redefining German Health Care book cover
Redefining German Health Care
Michael E. Porter and Clemens Guth
Springer-Gabler, 320 pages
March 2012

The Big Idea: How to Solve the Cost Crisis in Health Care
Harvard Business Review
Robert S. Kaplan and Michael E. Porter
September 1, 2011

Discovering-and Lowering-the Real Costs of Health Care

Harvard Business Review:The HBR Agenda 2011
Michael E. Porter
January 1, 2011

What Is Value in Health Care
Supplementary Framework Papers:
Value in Health Care
Measuring Health Outcomes
NEJM Reponses:
The New England Journal of Medicine
Michael E. Porter
December 8, 2010


Creating a High-Value Delivery System for Health Care
Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace
Seminars in Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
21:35-42; Spring 2009

Finnish Report

The Finnish Health Care System:
A Value Based Perspective

Juha Teperi, Michael E. Porter, Lauri Vuorenkoski and Jennifer F. Baron
March 26, 2009


Strategic, Value-Based Delivery in Global Health Care: Innovations at Harvard University and Brigham and Women's Hospital
Rebecca L. Weintraub, Julie Talbot, Kileken ole-MoiYoi, Keri Wachter, Erin Sullivan, Amy House, Jennifer Baron, Aaron Beals, Sophie Beauvais, Joseph Rhatigan
Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine
May/June 2011

State-Level Health Care Reform and Innovation in the United States: the Experience of Massachusetts
Jennifer Baron
Innovation and the Public Sector
Volume 15, 2011

A Chance to Optimise "Value" in the NHS
Jonathan Fielden and James Mountford

Does Healthcare Reform Help US Business?
Jennifer F. Baron
Council on Foreign Relations
February 11, 2011

Squaring Healthcare with the Economy
Jennifer F. Baron and Alexander Muggah
Council on Foreign Relations
December 8, 2009

Where were the doctors?
Sachin H. Jain and Michael E. Wechsler
The Boston Globe
October 8, 2009
"It's fair to ask if doctors who care for ballplayers share culpability in the steroid era."

Practicing Medicine in the Age of Facebook
Sachin H. Jain
The New England Journal of Medicine
August 13, 2009

A Strategy for Health Care Reform:
Toward a Value-Based System

Michael E. Porter
The New England Journal of Medicine
June 3, 2009

Applying the Care Delivery Value Chain: HIV/AIDS Care in Resource Poor Settings
Joseph Rhatigan, Sachin Jain, Joia S. Mukherjee, and Michael E. Porter
Working Paper
April 3, 2009

Health Stewardship:
The Responsible Path to a Healthier Nation

Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, Scott Wallace, Mark Ganz, Christine Todd Whitman Joe Hogan, Robert Honigberg, Adam Bosworth, Donald Berwick Delos Cosgrove, Craig Fuller, C. Martin Harris, James Hill Michael Porter, Franklin Raines, Franmarie Kennedy Noah Bartolucci, and Michelle McMurry
The Aspen Institute
March 12, 2009

Frank discussion, attention to cultural fit can help avoid recruiting errors
Sachin Jain
Modern Healthcare
February 23, 2009

A Blueprint for Pharmacy Benefit Managers to Increase Value
William H. Shrank, Michael E. Porter, Sachin H. Jain, Niteesh K. Choudhry
The American Journal of Managed Care
February 15, 2009

Rethinking our rules of organ donations
Sachin Jain
February 10, 2009

Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Testimony
Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Congressional Record
January 29, 2009
See also Oral Summary Statement.

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