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Redefining Health Care Named
ACHE's Book of the Year

Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg are the winners of the American College of Healthcare Executives 2007 James A. Hamilton book of the year award for Redefining Health Care.
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Elizabeth Teisberg

Redefining Health Care

Elizabeth Teisberg interviewed at INSEAD.
October 21, 2009
9 minutes
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In the News

Harvard Business School Profs on the Health Care Crisis
Janelle Nanos
Boston Magazine
September 29, 2011

Managing the Critical Transition from Volume to Value
Diane Shannon
Physician Executive Journal of Medical Management
May-June, 2011

Symposium puts spotlight on value in health care
2011 Innovation in HealthCare Symposium
The Boston Globe
February 6, 2011

Toward an Outcomes-Based Health Care System
James Mountford and Charlie Davie
Journal of the American Medical Association
December 1, 2010

Does Bob Master Hold the Secret to Better Health Care?
Rachel Zimmerman
September 9, 2010

The Multi-Stakeholder Movement For Primary Care Renewal And Reform
Paul Grundy, Kay R. Hagan, Jennie Chin Hansen, and Kevin Grumbach
Health Affairs
May 2010

A Remedy for Health Care - Innovation
The Darden Report
Spring 2010

Innovation Is Key to Health Care Shift From Chronic Disease to 'Chronic Health'
UVA Today
February 22, 2010

Why Health Reform Will Be a Danger to Passive Patients
US News & World Report
November 9, 2009

Redefining Health CareWatch Video
Elizabeth Teisberg interviewed at INSEAD.
9 minutes
October 21, 2009
Watch the Video

Connecticut Business and Industry Association Newsroom (audio)
Elizabeth Teisberg in "Business Minute" interviews. October 19, 2009
Minute 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Am einfachsten ist das Zählen von Toten
Interview with Elizabeth Teisberg (in German)
Tages Anzeiger
October 9, 2009

Create transformation in health care
Valinda Rutledge and Dick Wilkerson
Greenville News
August 9, 2009

Business Guru's Prescription for Healthcare (audio, 13min)
Robin Young interviews Michael Porter
WBUR's Here and Now
July 14, 2009

Diagnosing the Public Health Care Alternative
HBS Working Knowledge
July 13, 2009

Andrew Rubin interviews Michael Porter (Real audio stream, 22min)
Sirius XM Radio Health Care Connect
June 4, 2009

Doctor Innovation - Shaking up the health system
Economist Intelligence Unit
June 2009

Sparen mit multidisziplinären Teams
Der Standard
March 29, 2009

Finland Seeks Systemic Changes in Health Care
SITRA, press release
March 26, 2009

Ein Qualitätswettbewerb senkt die Kosten, Une concurrence de qualité abaisse les coûts, Una concorrenza qualitativa riduce i costi
Elizabeth Teisberg interviewed by Urs P. Gasche
(in German, French, and Italian)
CSS Magazin
March 2009

Immersion Experience - Value-Based Health Care Delivery
Mark Engelen
Harbus, HBS student weekly
January 26, 2009

A Team Approach to Orthopedics: Hospitals and Physicians Need to Work Together
Douglas W. Jackson, MD, Chief Medical Editor
Orthopedics Today
October 2008

A New Perspective for Improving Finnish Health Care
SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund
October 3, 2008

Rethinking the Role of Employers
Michael E. Porter, Elizabeth O. Teisberg and Scott Wallace
July 3, 2008

Interview: Does Our Health System Deliver Value?
Michael E. Porter; Interview by Ted O'Callahan
Q3, A Publication of the Yale School of Management
Spring, 2008

Can an International Perspective Help Create a Value-Based Health System?
Jennifer F. Baron
Q3, A Publication of the Yale School of Management
Spring, 2008

Reshaping Health Care
Jennifer F. Baron
The New York Times
May 1, 2008

Managing Care the Right Way
Globe Editorial
The Boston Globe
March 26, 2008

Clinical Integration Provides the Key to Quality Improvement: Structure for Change
Mark C. Shields, Lee B. Sacks and Pankaj H. Patel
American Journal of Medical Quality
May/June 2008

A Valuable Roadmap for Health Care Solutions
William Snyder
Health Care News
November 1, 2007

Aspen Institute Project Targets Broader Healthcare Stewardship
press release
Aspen Institute
October 5, 2007

Managing Outcomes Helps a Children's Hospital Climb in Renown
Reed Abelson
The New York Times
September 15, 2007

'Redefining Health Care': Medical Homes Or Archipelagos To Navigate? ($)
Alain C. Enthoven, Francis J. Crosson and Stephen M. Shortell
Health Affairs
September/October 2007

Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on Results ($)
Elizabeth Falter
Nursing Administration Quarterly
July/September 2007

Health Care Competition Redefined: Value vs. Cost ($)
Neil H. Baum and Robert A. Dowling
Urology Times
July 1, 2007

Film Offers New Talking Points in Health Care Debate
Milt Freudenheim and Liza Klaussmann
The New York Times
May 22, 2007

Quality of healthcare is the thing that counts
Andrew Huang
The Taipei Times
May 19, 2007

AMA Briefing: Fragmented Health Care System Could Take Cue From Cancer Care
Peggy Eastman
Oncology Times
April 10, 2007

Health-care players looking to protect their cut
Dan Kurland
The Charleston Gazette
April 4, 2007

Book Review: Redefining Health Care
John Goodman
Businesss Economics
April 2007

Porter Posits Healthy Reforms
The Harvard Crimson
March 21, 2007

Harvard economist proposes team approach on healthcare
John Donnelly
The Boston Globe
March 14, 2007

A New Focus for Health Care Reform: Realigning Competition Around Patient Value
American Medical Association press release
March 13, 2007
also see the referenced JAMA article and
Watch Video video from the JAMA press conference featuring Michael Porter starting at 6min 25sec

Money Counts in Access to Health Care
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
March 13, 2007

Michael Porter Interview on Swiss Health Care Reform (in German only)
Niklaus Vontobel and Michael Maloney
February 22, 2007

Redefining Health Care Named
ACHE's Book of the Year

American College of Healthcare Executives
press release
February 14, 2007
also see HBS press release

Packaging of Health Care Is Not the Problem
John Dunn
Health Care News
February 1, 2007

RTL Porter interview image
Interview: Redefining Health Care in the Netherlands
Rick Nieman
RTL, Dutch Television
February 2007
Watch Video Interview Video (14 minutes)
(in English after 45 second introduction)

'Four Cornerstones' Will Transform Health
Newt Gingrich and Bob Galvin
January 31, 2007

Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Teisberg to speak at the "Global Changing Diabetes Leadership Forum"
press release
January 24, 2007

Redefining Healthcare: Is the American System Broken?Watch Video
Lawrence R. Velvel, Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, interviews Elizabeth Teisberg for the Books of Our Times program. 57 minutes.
January 15, 2007
Watch the Video

Nicolaus Henke on Michael Porter's partial answer (free registration required)
Nicolaus Henke
Health Service Journal
December 7, 2006

Comment: Why a US management guru has vital questions for the NHS
(free registration required)
Nick Edwards
Health Service Journal
December 7, 2006

Singapore's healthcare system
moving in right direction

Hasnita A Majid
Channel News Asia
November 28, 2006

Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg on redefining value in health care ($)
authors interviewed by Alistair Davidson and Robert M. Randall
Strategy & Leadership
November 2006, vol.34 no.6 pg.44

Porter and Teisberg put health care on the CEO's agenda ($)
book review by Alistair Davidson
Strategy & Leadership
November 2006, vol.34 no.6 pg.48
"The cost and efficiency of health care is a significant environmental and competitive issue for all American companies. From the point of view of a corporate CEO, health care is a time bomb, consuming more and more resources, raising the cost of America's products, yet not delivering optimum value. Health care - with its powerful constituencies battling for advantage - does not allow would-be reformers an easy grip, much less an obvious solution. But two of the USA's best and brightest strategists present a revolutionary prospectus for health care reform."

Health Care Bundling abstract, full text
review by John C. Goodman
National Center for Policy Analysis
November 6, 2006

The Future of Health Care
Richard Smith
The Guardian
November 6, 2006

The Healthcare Crisis ¡¦Solved?
comments by: Rashi Fein, Maggie Mahar,
Andy Kessler, Uwe E. Reinhardt

The Conference Board Review
September/October 2006

Professor says health care system can be fixed
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
October 28, 2006

The Future of Health Care
KTTC Television - Rochester, MN
October 20, 2006

Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results ($)
review by Michael S. Lauer
Journal of the American Medical Association
JAMA.2006; 296: 1660-1662.
October 4, 2006
...Redefining Health Care has the makings of a classic, one that likely will be must reading for all those interested in health care delivery. Porter and Teisberg have raised the health care systems debate to a substantially higher, and hopefully value-producing, level. For simply changing the language of the argument, we should be grateful.

Redefining Consumer-Driven Health Care
Joseph Coletti
Health Care News, The Heartland Institute
October 1, 2006

Editor's letter
Jill Rose
Health Executive
October 2006

Interview with Tony Kovner, NYU ($)
interviewed by Kyle L. Grazier
Journal of HealthCare Management
The Official Journal of the American College of Healthcare Executives
September/October 2006

An Information Prescription for Health Care's Cognitive-Disorder Problems
Thomas P. Miller
Health Affairs
September 12, 2006

Getting Your Money's Worth
(free registration req'd)
Judy Ward
Plan Sponsor
September 2006

What Health Care Needs to Be About
A Dose of Transparency
Penelope Lemov
Spetember 2006

Redefing Health Care
How competition can drive down costs and improve quality
Roger Thompson Q&A with Michael Porter
HBS Alumni Bulletin
September 2006

Can This Man Fix Our Healthcare System?
A.J. Vogl
Across the Board, The Conference Board Magazine
July/August 2006

Business, Heal Health Care
August 14, 2006

Book Review: Redefining Health Care
Pharmaceutical Commerce
August 1, 2006

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