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Porter and Teisberg on Redefining Health Care

"Redefining Health Care has caught the imagination of many of the most influential voices in NHS reform and has been occupying minds at the highest level throughout this year. ...It is a rewarding read for anyone serious about healthcare reform."

Nick Edwards
Editor, Health Service Journal (UK)

"Mr. Porter and Ms. Teisberg have written a profound and powerful critique of America's health-care system. It deserves to be read widely. And probably will be."

The Economist

"One Harvard professor says it's time to redefine health care and Mayo Clinic is agreeing. Porter's book is helping to create a national agenda for health care reform, and Mayo Clinic is ready to be a part of that change. During the next months, the Clinic's Carleton Rider says Mayo will continue to look into the future of integrated health care and what that will mean for changes at the Clinic."

KTTV Television
Rochester, MN

"Redefining Health Care is a must read for anyone interested in health policy. The authors have identified the single most important problem in health care and it is a problem health economists tend to routinely ignore. To wit: We don't bundle and price health services the way we would if the medical marketplace even remotely resembled an efficient, competitive market."

John C. Goodman, Ph.D.
President, National Center for Policy Analysis

"Redefining Health Care has the makings of a classic, one that likely will be must reading for all those interested in health care delivery. Porter and Teisberg have raised the health care systems debate to a substantially higher, and hopefully value-producing, level. For simply changing the language of the argument, we should be grateful."

Michael S. Lauer, MD
The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center

"This book is incredibly valuable for politicians, policymakers and managers in healthcare who cannot ignore this book when talking about sustainable healthcare in the future.  The book offers inspiration and guidance to help everyone involved in healthcare to improve patient value.  It shows with amazing clarity how to accomplish this."

Hans Hoogervorst
Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands

"Redefining Health Care presents a fresh, clear-eyed view of the problems of the American health care system, and shows how value-based competition is the only real solution. This bold, insightful book will stimulate every participant in health care delivery to reexamine current strategies and practices, and achieve vastly better results."

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD
Chief Executive Officer, The Cleveland Clinic

"Redefining Health Care is at once revolutionary and practical. Porter and Teisberg aim to convert today's dysfunctional health care system into one in which value-based competition leads to better health and greater efficiency. This book deserves to be read carefully by everyone concerned with the future of health care in the United States."

Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, PhD
President, Institute of Medicine

"This book is a major contribution—and may prove to be THE major contribution—to the age-old debate about why so many people don't get what they want from our health care system. The authors lay out a practical and detailed agenda for all the major actors in the system. What are we waiting for?"

Charles D. Baker
President and Chief Executive Officer, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

"A leader's guide for the next decade. Porter and Teisberg's book provides a new strategic perspective that will enable dramatic improvement in the quality and efficiency of patient care. The insights here will rechannel the health care debate productively for years to come."

Maureen Bisognano
Executive Vice President and COO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Health care is on a collision course with patient needs and economic reality. In today's dysfunctional health care competition, players strive not to create value for patients but to capture more revenue, shift costs, and restrict services. To reform health care, we must reform the nature of competition itself. Redefining Health Care provides an overall framework for diagnosing and solving this immense problem, with detailed action steps for all participants in the health care system.

Scoping the Problem
The system is broken, and the magnitude of the problem is staggering.
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Identifying Root Causes
The fundamental flaw in the health care sector is not competition, but the wrong kind of competition.
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How Reform Went Wrong
Piecemeal solutions aimed at symptoms rather than causes have proved to be ultimately ineffective.
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Value-Based Competition
The focus for all actors must become improvement in health outcomes per dollar expended.  read more

Action Steps No altruism is required: moving to value-based competition will benefit every participant in the system. Those who act early will benefit most.
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