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Maliha Khan MBA ‘12

Maliha Khan
Home region

Karachi, Pakistan

Undergraduate education

Smith College, AB Political Science/Government, 2008

Why was getting a business education important to you?

I saw an MBA as important for two reasons: I wanted key analytical and quantitative skills that would help me make decisions and give me more confidence in my judgment; and secondly, to be more effective as a general manager, I needed to understand all aspects of business.

How has your HBS experience shaped your career path?

When I started at HBS, I thought I'd eventually work in consulting then return to my family's business. But going through the case method experiences has helped me understand what I really like and given me the confidence to go down a different path. As I've gone through multiple summer internship interviews, I've found myself attracted to positions that are more retail related. HBS has helped me become more comfortable pursuing what I really want.

What are you most looking forward to in your career?

I think of my career in two stages: here in the United States and back home in Pakistan. While in the U.S., I'd like a role that gives me the feeling of entrepreneurship - that gives me the freedom and flexibility to make significant decisions. In Pakistan, I hope to be an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word, starting something from scratch. I'd like to experience the pride and sense of ownership that comes from building something yourself.

How has HBS prepared you for your summer internship?

HBS has gotten me accustomed to always having a big-picture perspective. Simultaneously, it encourages me to dig down into the details - analytics and running numbers. This dual perspective is what I'll have to maintain throughout my summer internship and in my career after HBS.